Capturing the Feeling in a Blog

Capturing the Feeling in a Blog

I have the definition problems, I believe a blog is my log or my personal diary, it is not supposed to be edited. I can learn from a post and maybe not repeat the same type of spelling or grammar errors. However, I do not think I should sit around trying to make myself a perfect person. I believe the art of a blog is to expose yourself or in this case myself in a true, honest and authentic way.

Easier to say then to do, however I recently made a fast and furious post on the my site. It was a comparison of Philippines to Thailand and it is funny, I am getting all of these encouraging post.

I truly do believe a person is better off just letting a post fly and allowing the world to understand how you feel or think. I do know that some people have dark thoughts and really should hide, however there are many who just have a shadow, like all of us. Somewhere there is place where people can share, be intimate, think, and be allowed to have a thought. Not a perfect thought, however a true and real thought.

I think the best is a thought that is quick, fast and not edited. I typed this whole post out in less than 3-5 minutes. No backtracking, no thinking, just let it fly, sort of the proof to myself that you should be open and free in style, not constricted and planned.

This is the post that took 3 minutes.... hehehe

Capturing the Feeling in a Blog


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Whether it takes you three minutes or thirty minutes, is edited or unedited, your blog is one of the things that makes my day worth getting up for. It's great to know you're out there, living at the dangerous edge of things (if you'll allow a quote from Browning to creep in at this at this unearthly hour)and reporting back on what it's really like at the front line for all us stay-at-homers. I, for one, don't think it matters a jot that you have no grip on grammar, are sparked out by spelling and are as coherent as a cockchafer.

Rock and roll and more power to your elbow.

Rick Astley

The way I see it, the beauty of the internet is the lack of copy-editors. Noone can censor what you say, Noone can refuse to publish you (well, almost).

And, this is why books will not die out, too. Because people place more authority in a book. These are different media, and they work in different ways. Not many people on the internet bother to make their sentances grammatically correct, or even to punctuate them correctly. Even in E-mails between company executives, the writing is more sloppy than it would be on paper.

Let it roll!

Hey, Ash, cool. You right. Its grate that noone tak any care man bowt speling and stuff. All that old man stuff and ting I don wunt heer dat old stuff on Andys blog ok man. Andy you cool very cool, man. Respeck too you.


I really enjoy your writing- I find it a great relief to read someone who isn't posturing as it is a matter I struggle with myself. Even already, I have re-written that sentence twice, and I pause letting fingers fall to keys perpetually wondering how much of what we absord really goes through to another.
The helpful thing to remember is that there is no proto-type for living or dying. Even if we've been alive before this is always our first time as ourselves and we forget so much so often. I find the greatest challenge in words is that they are so after's like trying to define the present; NOW, oops it though there is someway we could walk softly and catch it off gaurd. So many of our experiences bend more with and in time (memories of the past, anticipations of the future..) Living in the moment is not just a good quote but also quite sound; the present is the moment where the past & future are constantly over-lapping and affords more options of vantage point; your writing reflects this and makes me smile & sigh.

Jamie - that is a truly beautiful and profound idea, expressed, if I may say so, in some of the finest writing I've seen on this blog. Thank you for being able to put in words what I've struggled to say for so long.

Rick Astley

Even if its a blog. You define your character. You can say it better, why waste 3 mins destroying you in the end.

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