10 Dollars to Clean Teeth in Manila

10 Dollars to Clean Teeth in Manila

I paid 500 Pesos, oops, not true, at the last moment in a fit of sleaze, the price changed to 700. I have no idea why, but the quoted price increase. On the other hand, the stand in dentist, not the owner or the dentist of the sign did a very good job.

Thailand is very good, however the dentist have no ability to talk English or explain anything, nonetheless both are cheap enough and available at a drop of the hat to clean your teeth. Now, am I going to have my teeth drilled or capped as the dentist recommend, I do not know. Would have been better if the price had not changed, I was sold on the idea up to then.

10 Dollars to Clean Teeth in Manila


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That place sure does offer a variety of services. Get your teeth x-rayed while you wait for the results of your pregnancy test. Classic!

wow! I'm from the Philippines and from the look of the place itself, 500 or even 700 is way too much! I think on regular Filipino customers, that clinic just charges around 300!

Thanks, I only got my teeth cleaned, however he tried to say I need crowns, repairs, etc, but I knew where I was.

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