WIFI Sniffing Around in Bangkok

WIFI Sniffing Around in Bangkok
I am using this Canary Wireless Internet Access sniffer or finder, it works pretty good. I found one hotel off Khao San Road where I can pay to have WIFI in my room, it is the Lampu House, only good on the first floor, maybe...? For 30 Baht per hour and many codes and such, probably easier to go the Internet cafe.
I am in the Mango Lagoon or something like that, directly behind the Wat or Buddhist Temple on the one end of Khao San Road.
There is WIFI in my room, I go out sniffing around and when I came back I saw this 2 bar open signal outside my room. I am in an ALL concrete room, this is a problem, I opened the window and the signal works. Not strong, however OK, I am not sure, this is a test, I suspect they turn it off at night.
Last night I turned on my computer, however nothing showed up, who knows, this is not a stable enterprise hopping on free signals.
I purchased an Access Point Thumb-drive thingy in the USA that allows me to put a WIFI collector or receiver on the end of a USB cable. I think I can connect this to my computer and put the cable out the window, it should bring the signal inside the concrete room.
90 percent of the time the problem is concrete, most homes and hotels are built out of concrete on the planet.
I need to get the receiver or antenna outside the room, I am going to buy a longer or about 10 Yard or 10 Meter long USB cable tomorrow at Panthip Plaza, one of the best computer malls in the world about a 120 Baht Taxi ride from Khao San Road.
What is interesting about the sniffer is the names of the signals. I found or matched the name of the signal with the hotel and was able to find it, this is a help when I can read the name of the signal.

WIFI Sniffing Around in Bangkok


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Andy, you can get free Wi-Fi in all the rooms at our guesthouse 5 minutes away from Khao San Road, Bangkok.

K.S. House Gueshouse

Say hello to Charlie while you there and let him get cheap airfare tickets for you to any part of the world.

I think the price is 420 for a single room with AC, not bad, the location is good. I think close to where they do areobics at night in that small park on the water.

I will go nose around and see what is up, I will make the link click-a-able. WIFI is a difficult thing, to actually have in a room is not as easy as just putting up one repeater, a person needs to really test.


Andy, I agree with you putting one one repeater does not do the job.

We have three access points at K.S. House. One on the first floor which is the lobby, one on the second floor which is a common area, and one on the 5th floor which is our restaurant.

Being that we have 5 floors and 3 of them have an access point we get excelet coverage.

I walked around all the floors and sniffed for the network from many rooms. The floor that has an access point garuanties connectivity in every room on that floor. The 3rd and 4th floor rooms are well covered but there might be some weak spots there because we do not have an AP on them.
Also the ability to have a strong conection on these floors depends if you have a built in Wi-Fi card or external card.
With external card you get a better signal.

But no matter, if our guest will have a problem connecting in some room we will move them to a room with a better signal.
And if we will see a high demand for Wi-Fi from many of our guests we will add access points to 3rd and 4th floor.

So my advise when a guest is making a reservation with us to say that they need Wi-Fi and we will place them in an appropriate room so they will have a great signal.

As you know we care about our customers and will work hard to make their stay with us as plesant and convient as possible. We been around KSR for around 15 years now, working out of our travel agency Charlie Connection Travel & Tour providing air tickets and other travel products to travelers, expats, and turists.

We started the guest house a few years ago and the manager at that time our partner did not put his heart into the job and let it slip.

Charlie and his wife Mattana took over the daily management duties from the old partner manager who decided he had enough and left us.

You can see Charlie and Mattana at the guest house every day.

When you come over please say hello to Charlie and get to know him. He is an institution on KSR.

Maybe you can give him some tips and suggestions about running a friendly and interesting guest house for travelers!

I am in Japan now, so you guys do it without me...

Oh, the Wi-Fi Internet is free for guests and visitors.
If you just want to come in and use it to surf the Net, please do, just buy a cup of coffee or a beer and you are set. We have plenty of places to hang out at the common area!

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