Rain and Gloom in Budapest Hungary

Rain and Gloom in Budapest Hungary

It is rainy, cold, sort of miserable, you want to hold yourself as you walk down the street, I am here too early in the Spring it seems, it may break soon. I will soon head south toward Remain as soon as I figure out the Visa situation. I suppose I could be an illegal immigrant like in the USA, however in most countries they will throw me in jail...


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Europe rains... that's what we do :o) that's why when all the Europeans went over to America they had to find better crops because the land is not so rainy.

I figure I'd be an illegal immigrant if that was the only option left to me. If potentially being thrown in jail is a better end than living back in your own country, then that says something about freedom back home. An American or a British jail is probably a much better place to be than many other places on this earth that are not behind bars...

In an ideal world we could make it easier for people to do it all legally. but then people abuse the system. it's difficult.

In an Ideal System the persons would not want to leave their own country and burden the next country.

That is very true.

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