No Man Land Guatemala to New York

No Mans Land Guatemala to New York

I am in the No Man Land in the Guatemala Airport, I will leave Guatemala today and go to JFK Airport in New York, I am on an earlier flight than planned and will arrive at 11:00, I think I should hang around outside of Immigration in the No Mans Land of New York and wait for the clock to turn to April 2nd. I would get one more day in the country, I can only spend 35 days in the USA per year or I have to pay USA normal taxes. If I stay out over 330 days per year, I can earn up to 80? plus or minus thousand and not have to pay taxes. One day traded off for one hour of time is not a very good deal...

No Mans Land: When you have cleared the immigration on the country you are leaving and have not entered the next country... I am in No Mans Land, nobody own a non-country. Note this is my own rendition of this space. There are normally not any land mines, some people that feel like land mines.

No Mans Land Guatemala to New York


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