New York Photos

New York Photos

I arrived early in JFK and had to wait 7 hours to pick up my rental care with Enterprise, I was surprised they was not open 24 hours per day.

This is a subway map, I surprised to learn how easy it was to travel around Manhattan Island.

John Lennon Memorial in Central Park

Central Park is very beautiful place, not quite the image you would get from movies.

Ground Zero or the hole where there was the 9-11 disaster. There is huge fence around the area.

There is series of time related, or a step by stop photo and story explaining what happened.

The area of Ground Zero is cleaned and ready, however just a large hole presently.

The statue of Liberty is close to Ground Zero and you can see it from the shore.

Wall Street

A stature of George Washington close to the entrance to the New York Stock Exchange.

The New York Stock Exchange.


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New York is awesome.

NYC; A bunch of strangers getting along because it works better and requires less passion than fighting.

In attempting to build to heaven we blocked all sight of it.

They are walking, with stares so intent, they do not notice me at all. And I am wandering my little eyes about them, apparently with no intent at all and I note internally, "No, they do not notice me at all." Yet I do notice them, and because of this it is quite probable that they do not need to.

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