Indiana The Crossroads of America

Indiana The Crossroads of America
I am in Indiana, while New York may be the cultural center of the planet, I feel in many ways when I enter Indiana I have found the Heart of the USA.
The state Motto of Indiana is maybe...
The Crossroads of America
I have a way of studying, I look for the essence of something, the one liner that explains, the briefest possible explanations. A motto in someways is some clarity, however as in all things, there is both sides of any coin to observe.
I will leave the USA on the 10th of April for Budapest Hungary.
Indiana The Crossroads of America


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Have you been to Serbia?

Not sure how to search your archives to find out.

BTW, appreciate your blog so much, and so glad you are not like most of the other male global blogs that are obsessed with posting what I call soft porn images.

Nice to know my grandmother and nieces would feel safe reading your travels!! Thank you!!

Indiana is one the worst states in America. I was totally bored there..

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