I am at Penn State University

I am at Penn State University

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40 Degrees 47.624 North
077 Deggrees 51.485 West

I spent the day looking at Manhattan Island yesterday, then left New York and drove to a city called - State College, Pennsylvania - and then go figure, there is Penn State University here in the city of State College. Prone to confusion...

I am going to talk to a class of too smart University Students today, April 3rd, and I believe the goal is to explain how I made a successful web site. I am still searching for the clarity, however there is an emphasis or I am being guided in small ways by Dan the Professor the class towards the idea of:

- How can one person make a successful site? -

Therefore, I am sitting here in a very nice hotel room, collecting all the essential concepts of why I have a successful site. I was trying to think, if I met certain persons on the planet, what would I want. If I met James Michener, now dead, however if he was alive, and if I was wanting to be a novel writer. Probably not a good example.

If I met, the founders of Google.com, whoever that is, I do not know, and I only had 15 minutes to ask the questions, or more correctly if they  was giving me a lecture, what would I want them to give me. I would want this.

A Todo List of ideas.

This would be a list of ideas for me to go and work on, a long list of what they believe essential ideas that made them a success on their project. I could then return home and slice and dice the ideas, concepts, and try to incorporate them into my world. I am making a long list of idea. With the class, I will then be able to explain them. I suppose one person in the class will understand the plot. Maybe one of them too smart person will read this prior to the class.. hehehe

I am at Penn State University



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what I love about your site is that it breaks all the rules of making a good website, on the surface of it.

Your front page is a little cluttered, sometimes you spell stuff wrong, and you state your own opinions which most people don't do because they are afraid of upsetting the stupid people, and the background code is untidy. Yet you make enough money to live, and you clearly get lots of visiters.

I think part of the attraction for me is that you're clearly genuine, and you say quite honestly and openly that you're doing it to make money. I respect this.

And I enjoy your opinions, and your experiences, and I like that it's not been edited by 5 people and a monkey before it gets published. Because it feels like I'm reading about a person not an entity.

And I think all of this goes to prove that most web-theorists speak a load of hot air.

I was told once that Google's original mission statement was
'1) make money
2) don't be evil'

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