Does TV and WIFI Make Me Happy

Does TV and WIFI Make Me Happy

I am having many roller coaster thoughts; I am slowly realizing that when I have a Television in my room, I can be less happy. There is also the problem of having an unlimited use of Wireless Internet Access in my room, or called WIFI.

The Television causes me to want to watch CNN or BBC, these programs repeat themselves so often it become a sort of drill entering my brain. The movies I enjoy, however there is a competition with reading, a good book just is more intellectual.

The WIFI in the room although maybe good in a business point of view, it fights my desire to leave the fast pace western world behind. It is like putting a metronome in my room and clicks away.

Push or pull, shove or be shoved emotionally, I for the most part try to leave the game of being in any type of TIME controlled environment.

I like a WIFI maybe for one week per month in my room, this helps me to clear away the cobwebs in my internet site, and however after that is just and emotional vampire stealing my brain.
Movies, the question is would it be easy enough to rent or buy movies to watch on my computer. I enjoy a good movie, however hard to channel surf enough to enjoy. I remember in the USA, that I never had cable TV because I felt going and renting movies was more efficient, I was able to start and end movies, pause, resume and did not miss a movie because I answered the telephone.

Cell Telephone
Yes, I have one, however I have quickly become lax in any desire to by these pre-paid cards, I guess I am good to go with the Telephone. I am using it only as a tool, however I have not called to make a reservation, only one time, and that was at a hotel I had already visited.

I think the people around me looking at the cell phone makes me feel this device is a joke. It is a good business tool, however I do not think 24 communications with other people is healthy. I think moving a wife into my room would be healthy; to call her 24 hours a day would be unhealthy.

Emotional dependency on some type of entertainment is an addiction; I find I do not have this problem anymore. I am an alcoholic however, I have left the addictions to something that occupies my brain behind, and I have not drunk for 19 years.

I am aware of what make me feel or how I avoid feeling. The therapeutic value of typing in the blog is immeasurable, it is just good for me to talk with myself, and I like the guy.

Does TV and WIFI Make Me Happy


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Yeah. I like to blog, so I do. :o)

I found I was much happier without a TV in my room in the end. I would read a book every 2 days or less. At home, I am lucky if I read a book every 3 weeks. I have many books, however, they take me long times to read. With a TV, my reading goes down.

Since I am home, I use the TV less. Much less. And when I go to study, I will not have one, I have decided.

I had a channel called 'Star Movies' in Nepal and some places in India. once I figured out when a film would be on (they advertised the shcedule in Hong Kong and Malaysia time only) that was useful.

I was walking home one night, about to watch a movie I wanted to see, and I bumped into a guy I had met and got on well with. A friend on the road.

He asked if I wanted to go grab a coffee, but at first I said 'well, actually I am about to watch a movie. How about lunch tomorrow?' but he left Pokhara in the morning to go back to Kathmandu university for term time.

So I go for coffee with him there and then. I realise, I can watch a movie at home. I can rent this movie. It is far more important to spend time with people.

turns out, they showed the movie channel in the coffee house anyway, so we watched it together!

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