Budapest to Bangkok

Budapest to Bangkok
This is a record for shortest time on a continent for me, I am flying to Bangkok in two days, I just do not need this now.
I need to purchase a car to travel around Europe, otherwise I feel trapped on this route from major city to major city. I do not like cities, especially where the taxis are expensive and difficult.
The word that would describe Budapest so far is...
Defined in the Dictionary as:
A sharp contortion of the face expressive of pain, contempt, or disgust.
Not on my face, on theirs.
The wonder of travel is to encounter a culture that is happy to see you, and you are happy to see them. Like two children playing in the sandbox.

Budapest to Bangkok


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That's why I loved the "milk-run" trains in Europe - you know, the ones that meander and stop in every little town. Tourists were more of an event on those trains, and I had some great conversations without sharing much of the language at all (not to mention the yummy food I was encouraged to share!!). I'm sorry Budapest wasn't in a good mood for you, I have fond memories of that city.

Isn't a certain amount of pain and suffering necessary to call a trip an adventure? Maybe you just hit the city on a bad week. The sun will surely come out again.

One problem that I have experienced with following feelings is when someone has a bad day due to cycles of happiness/depression, they can make bad decisions when they are low. A way around this is to have some kind of plan, a list of goals and accomplishments and how to get them done. That helps bridge the low days.

On the other hand, a lot of your success is being free and being able to move as your intuition tells you. Thats part of what I am trying to learn from you, Andy. Its easy to get too tied up in plans, sometimes following feelings is good too.

Hmm, the eternal search for balance in all things.

Hmmm, parts of my trip is an Adventure, others times I am just a tourist.

Nothing Adventurous about Budapest.

Budapest is not the place for me, NOW, I am not coming back to Europe to travel until I can figure out how to purchase a Van. I do not like being trapped in these cities.

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