Andover New Jersey to JFK Airport New York

Andover New Jersey to JFK Airport New York

They have this big sign that tells you how long the wait it to cross the Washington Bridge. I was in line for about 45 minutes. It took over 3.5 hours to go about 60 miles. I am surprised, there is no sign directing a person to the Airports, until you are about 3 miles from the Airport. I thought they would be everywhere and did not read the map very good.

Andover New Jersey to JFK Airport New York


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Why did you drive? You should've taken NJ Transit to Penn Station, Long Island RR to Jamaica, then the Air Train. So fast, so easy, and not more than $15. Would've been all of 40 minutes from Jersey to JFK. Why don't Americans get their ass in gear and take public transit?

Interesting perspective from Anonymous.

I had a rental car from JFK Airport, not easy to take on the mass transit.. hehehe

I need to go to many isolated spots and correctly mass transit does NOT work in the USA.

What is clear though is the learned arrogance and racist nature of the commment.

To think you are superior is what got the Europeans in trouble twice, plus makes them a soft target for American takeovers. A person that judges in this manner is and easy target for me, plus I could pull their chain, wind them up, take the piss, shine them on, because this person assumes.

He or she is smarter than me.

I am out traveling the planet, enjoying the world and this unfortunate person understands one of the most traffic congested places on the planet. Living inside the box and inside the cage.

If you are American, then I really feel sorry for you, self-distain.

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