Travel Blog by Satellite

Travel Journal by Satellite

I want to blog from anywhere on the planet, I want to send my Travel Journal by Satellite.

I just received a cell phone call from John Stoltz with
He answered many questions.

This is cutting edge, go-pro type stuff, not the beginner�s version of blogging. I am thinking a pay-to-play version of blogging that I will soon enter.

The BGAN INMARSAT systems is presently in my sights, I think or believe the entry fee is 3000 Dollars minimum to buy the hardware equipment and 10 Dollars per meg of information sent.

11 U.S. Dollars per day to play.
4000 Thousand U.S. total per year to play.

11 Dollars is double the price of my normal room�
Aaagh, that is expensive.

This a picture of a BGAN Satellite systems I discovered in Niger last year.

The Medecins Sans Frontieres had this device.

It really was not needed by the Docs, there was an internet caf� just down the street, but I the save the world organizations do not go cheap, they go first class or they do not go�. Hehehe

I talked with John that sells the Bgan Inmarsat toys.

They have some office in Chicago and one in Rochester, New York, I am not clear; however maybe call this number (773) 248-8686 in the USA. Note, if you want the 1-800 numbers you probably do not need this thingy� 800 numbers do not work from the middle of nowhere.

I have no idea if his system works or not, I was so happy to get a callback from someone in the USA, so I am giving him a free plug. He seems smart, however for sure he is going for the big boy market.
(CNN - Military - NGOs - Mount Everest )

He gave me one reference or an email to a guy from CNN� hehehe, I will try the email, my guess it like Kevin Sites, and they do not return emails very good.

He mentioned Kevin Site, the blog from somewhere person. I told him, Kevin Sites has people following him around making sure his world works, he has support. (I do not consider him in the middle of nowhere.)

My Research Blog trying to find Kevin Sites, or me trying to go take his picture for fun.
(Him in full military gear and me in shorts.) Kevin is supposed to be visiting war zones, or more or less the same places I go.

OK, I am not CNN and I am not Kevin Sites.

I go to Nepal in about 3 months, I will try to climb Everest to find these toys, not really, but I need to go to base camp, on my list.


My next question of John was how do they charge these BGAN systems or satellite internet access systems?

He said,
- Plug into wall.
- Adapter for Cigarette lighter in car.

I am thinking, if I have electricity I normally would not need this baby. Trying to be more relaxed, I am now saying, how do they power it with solar?

To buy this toy, you need all the accessory toys. I need a way to generate electricity. I am not going to ride around in a Hummer so I am going to not carry 6 batteries.

NOTE: I think the system used by the Sailboat people some Watt system would work if I had a Hummer.

April 17 they allow or make this work in North, Central and South America, I leave the USA on April 10 for Budapest, I am not going to be able to test this toy, makes it hard to buy.

All toys need tested, they just do not work. The blog by Cell phone idea has crashed and burned, it just does not presently work.

NOTE: I already carry 70 pounds this is more weight, plus very excuse I have for not calling will be gone.


From my good old Encarta Encyclopedia on my computer.

- The International Mobile Satellite Organization (INMARSAT), founded in 1979 as the International Maritime Satellite Organization, is a mobile telecommunications network, providing digital data links, telephone, and facsimile transmission, or fax, service between ships, offshore facilities, and shore-based stations throughout the world. It is also now extending satellite links for voice and fax transmission to aircraft on international routes.- (2)

Got to go, I am going with three children to Santa Catarina at 3:00 PM Latino time to see their homes, (I hope), I have to pay the bus-pickup fee of 3 Quetzals per head, so my cost to pay my young guides will be about two dollars for three children.

Travel Journal by Satellite


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that gadget sounds too expensive. I know Astrium (military and civilian sattelite makes/ engineers/ designers) are saying within a couple years all mobile phones will have a chip in which makes you trackable by satellite. then it up to governments to pretend they won't use it.

cell phones do not have global coverage. but where they do, you can dial into the internet by linking it to the laptop modem. I saw the photographer guy in Goa do this. There is also the same technology availible that you slot into the card bit on the side of laptops. has the SIM in and everything, but no need for cell phone link.#

$4000 is too much money for satellite technology these days. Even a satellite telephone is now around $1000-1500. and a telephone is as a modem does.

in the UK, you can buy a fold-up solar panel that you can use to charge a cell phone or to charge AA/AAA batteries. it cost £70 ($130 approx.) in a highstreet electronic shop. (Maplin Electronics). But noone in the UK would buy one. we don't have the sun in the UK.

Ash, too simple, you are not adding up all the cost.

There is also a problem with where you are going, I am going everywhere, most person work only on one area.

I can get an Iridium phone for maybe 1000, then I need to add all the connections to computer, etc, and so on and so forth.

I understand they tell you a number, then when you add them all up they come up high.

The hardware for Bgan is
10 Dollars a day to use paying 10 dollars per meg is 3500.

I am sure I get 500 in just the cost to figure this out.

This is an easy system that will work, I do not need a system that maybe will work. I buying 100 percent work, except for above some 75 degrees above equator.

Solar... hehehe, so there is another problem, however nobody in England needs solar. I need solar for the jungle, big river, or deserts. Out in the ocean maybe, but a combination of water, solar, wind is the final answer.

To jump to this price range, I am buying service only, not price. It is for the system that work. I will copy the big boys on this.

he he, fair enough! You're right about solar too, noone in england needs this. I do not know why they sell this on the highstreet. Nowhere is away from a plug socket in this country. Hell, if you look real hard you can find them on the streets! Maybe something for the person who likes to camp in the woods, but only with a truck-load of gear. Me, if I'm off into the woods (and i think you've been to the UK, so you'll know that the wilderness here is as wild as disneyland) what comes with me is what I can carry. I wouldn't take anything that needs electrics. Maybe a flashlight. some people 'need' a hairdryer and a refridgerator.

I think I got the prices confused here too a bit. I am thinking you said '£4000' because I think in pounds sterling. You think in US dollars, and I think the exchange rater is a bit over half $1 = £0.57 or something last time I had to buy in dollars. So we say $4000 US is £2,300 roughly. This is more reasonable.

my apologies :o)

Andy, I'm just not techie enough to do the detailed how-are-they-doing-it research; but I have been reading Mike Horn and partner's daily blog from their hike across the ice in the bizarro cold temps from Russia to the North Pole. They are phoning each day and someone else is typing it into a blog...

Calling and then having some blog is sort of redundant for me, however would miss the photos. I want to the photos.

Support Staff, that is what I need, many high powered techies at my beckon call.. hehehe

Weight would be huge problem if you was going to the North Pole or climbing Everest. The man who said they was at Everest, I think he means at base camp.

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