The Dysfunctional World Future

The Dysfunctional World Future

I am cracking up.

- USA is have people that are illegally in the country protesting. It seems the police should do their job and round them up and send them home. What an opportunity.

- FRANCE is having protest because the French are passing a law allow employers to fire workers. I do not care, an Employer should have the right to fire a person for any reason.

What is good is the poor have a great and loud voice, what is bad is they are just like the rich, they wish to take advantage.

The Dysfunctional World Future


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OK - now I get it. This blog's a spoof. Brilliant. Full marks to whoever's writing this stuff - you really had me going for a while. Anyway, good luck with it and adieu.

Bill Murray

I am not your friend.

You are obviously one of the dysfunctional person I am talking about.

The clueless

Andy, me old mate, so you didn't post my reply to your previous - and may I say, typically baffling - comment... Feeling a little clueless, perhaps?
All the best,
Bill Murray

I think I disagree with you on both fronts... but I'm too tired to explain why in a short comment, so I'll do so another time ;o)

But I've spent all week agreeing with French peoples. I hadn't heard of the USA thing, so maybe I wouldn't disagree actually, I should find out what is happening.

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