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2 cent calls around the world... hehehe, best if you carry a computer, headsets, etc.

I am trying to call a person in Singapore; it is about five in the morning here in Guatemala, therefore more or less about five in the afternoon in Singapore or close enough to not have to worry about waking the person. One interesting this about is when I call with the program the dialing wizard allows me think from a USA perspective, ask me the country I am calling and in a way helps to figure out the necessary numbers. On a bad side Skype put in the + sign (Plus or addition sign) automatically. This is not a solution in a way.

I want the actual, real, get me out of the country number.

The plus sign I have finally learned means, dial the access code that is needed to leave the country. However, on my TIGO telephone, here in Guatemala so far it appears to mean, - PLUS does not work - you need to know the actual number.

I can get around this by using the system; however, it still does not teach me the actual numbers I need to dial with my cell phone.

This is or maybe is a solution; however, I have to have an internet connection, which I presently do not have to use this web page.
I am making a war chest of items a person needs offline to work anywhere cheaply. The Hilton or Sheratons in their business centers will make life easier, however not an advantage to live outside the USA and pay 100 dollars per day. The advantage of working outside the USA or Europe is to pay a daily living expense of less than 20 dollars, yet live the same as if you were paying 150 U.S. in the United States.

I was cracking up about people living in the Caribbean; the lifestyle was meager in comparison to my normal lifestyle. The word - Hobo - really creates an impact that is not totally true, yes, I do live cheaply, however it is extremely normal for me to live in better conditions than I did in the Caribbean. I was taking a nosedive in quality of life for 10 times the cost.

Full Time Cleaning person or Gardener

What is possible if a person can work outside the USA or Europe is to have a full time cleaning person? If you earned the Western style of money and live in Guatemala, you would be able to afford to have five persons working to keep up the household. What this does as I learned in the USA is remove the stress of living, thus enabling you to earn even more money. The drudgery of the normal necessary routines like taking the laundry to the cleaners removes the enjoyment of life.

Hoboes travel from place to place as cheaply as possible, looking for work, they are not bums. Praise


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I think I was a migatory hobo... I worked in the UK, earnt lots of money, went and lived cheap on it abroad... unfortunately I didn't make any money from google ads, but it was a first attempt.

I met a guy in Goa who is a freelance photographer. I heard him talking to his latest commissioners, asking them to pay him from Geneva not New Delhi, as he doesn't have a work visa for India.

This is a good thing about the internet. You can pay me in the UK from yourself in Siberia via a bank in the USA. And so which country am I working in? which one am I payed in? and where the devil do I pay tax? I guess an honest person tells the taxman, and a dishonest person gets hammered by the revenue service when he retires. But when it comes to visas, it's interesting to think that if you are payed in your home country, it's not important where you did the work itself...

hey andi, met you about a year ago in lima airport. you were there with this whole bunch of your friends who usually spend their vacation in Disneyland. however you were waiting to bord your plane to Cusco. Thought of you because I joined you all at McDonalds in Lima Airport. Now I'm back in Peru for three weeks and as I sat their at Mc Donalds I thought of what happened a year ago. have fun with your skype experiences. rebecca

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