Recommending Travel Products

Recommending Travel Products

I have this moral dilemma all the time, in many ways it is about the saying,
- If you do not have something good to say, do not say it.-

I am receiving 5 request per week now from companies that want me to advertise their products. It is silly and humorous to me, they go as far as to say, please comment or blog about us and we will pay you.

I am a Pr#$K about this stuff, I will not recommend anything that I do not use or think is great. send me money.. hehehe. On the other hand I will say things like - send me money. Because the bottom line is I like they allow as much weight as I want on my carryon, not like that sucked 100 dollars from my billfold. This is free... - send me money -.... hehehe

I really do not care, I just like to travel, I do not like to earn money, it is work, I like to travel. However the facts of life is nobody is giving me my daily bread, I am a Hobo, I have to travel to places and look for money. I am not a Bum.

What may be different here is the travelers or travel sites that do not travel. They sit in these offices and write about travel, however in reality they just go on one-week vacations, often paid for by a promoter, they are making a contract. You give me a free trip, I will be nice, talk nice and suck real hard.

To sell something you need to believe in the product, or you can just be a sails, sell anything to make a buck. I am too old for this, I want to have everyone in the grocery store glad to see me, I do not need the problems.

All this comes down to is I am trying out a SIM card that is suppose to work in 160 countries, it is called or said to work, who knows.

Mobal something, they wrote, very nice people, however I decided, I will call them with my new toy called

Therefore after first calling the USA number, then finally connected with a UK office, I go the lady on the phone, she is nice.

I explained, I am buying....
1. A telephone number that never expires. ( I guess it is a UK number + 44 or something, this will be a problem for my mom.)

2. Auto-matically is extracted from my Credit Card.

These two benefits were pointed out to me by a reader James another call on to New York city. Some really smart folk out there, and nothing I like better than an interactive conversation with smart people.

I am buying these two benefits and they are not on the page, make me nervous I told the lady, it is not in the page is that really what I am buying?
Then MAKE ME NERVOUS the page also switches to, remember I have a website, I know why I am nervous.

(Oh well, making a website is not the same as selling something)
I am sure the techie does not see or think switches or - Redirects - as not good for people that are using a credit card, signs of danger.

Oh well, she assure me, James says it is true, maybe I will buy two one to use and the other to see if it expires. She was talking that Travel Insider recommended it and then I see and many more recommended it. I am almost going to say back,
- So, who give a F*9K. -

Not a good way to win friends and influence people, however I do not trust travel writers or website as far as I can throw them. I trust my decisions, or uninterested parties.

It is this,
- I do not trust anyone that can make money by giving me bad advice -
James is an Attorney, he is not going to make money off this advice.

Back to the bad talking thing, I guess I am will to go both way on this, I guess I do not care, I just like to go to the other side of the planet and look at their women, have some fun, enjoy the day and travel. I like to travel, I like the rush of entering a new city or country. I am addicted.

I enjoy the game.


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There was an article in the Guardian the other day called 'how big buisness barged in on the bloggers' talking about how people like WalMart's PR company are now approaching bloggers to blog good things about them. he he not so covert, they approach them honestly and say 'we arew working for them.'

the article isn't on the public page of the web anymore, only in the member's archives. I'll email you it.

If you want to write on some travel destination then you should visit that destinations thoroughly. You cannot write just siiting in an office. People have to show passion for their work. Dont do it just for sake of money.

Rajinder Dogra

Andy - telling us you took Easyjet's money - he he he - doesn't make it any less dubious when you then go on to recommend it; I notice you're also hyping skype a lot. How much have they given you (either the green beans or in kind)? The fact is, all those ghastly travel writers you criticise do have their articles suffixed by "Joe Smith traveled as a guest of...etc", which immediately signals caveat lector.

Now the thing is this: it doesn't matter if you're a freeloader or a hobo or a bum or whatever you want to call yourself; it doesn't matter if you rip off local state benefit systems and it doesn't really matter if you pocket all those portraits of Ben Franklin donated without strings attached by our benevolent travel and phone companies(he he he); what does matter is that, if you offer up your ideas and experiences for public consumption, that you write well about them, otherwise you're like a busker whi can't even play a chord - hopeless and deserving only of pity...

So tell us, Andy, what are you? Where do you come from? How do we know we can trust you, or are we meant to rely on your Mr Deeds-goes-to-Guatamala style naivety as a marker of your bona fides?

All the best,
Bill Murray

I am sad, it is impossible to explain what I want, I try to imply or explain. I have these companies or pet projects maybe, that I like., Shakira, maybe a new kid, and I suppose Nescafe is on the block. These are companies I do not feel bad about, they make me feel good. I am not getting money from any of them, and I do not expect to, although I do expect Shakira to write.

Warning though, you Mr Bill Murray are trying to provoke arguments. I do not sell or promote controversy as it does not make my day better. It just make me feel weak and tired.

So, what do I think about?

I was getting on the blog to post a reply to a person that commented that people want entertained. I believe they do, and worst yet they want to provoke, be controversial or whatever. I like to talk about Generators and computers and toys, I like to talk about ideas.

I do feel the tone of voice in a person, and sometimes I do not like or understand why a person would wish this, sometimes I do try to squash it. I may just moderate and delete all your future comments... hehehe

That will end that.

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