Pen Light

Pen Light

I have a small pen light a friend gave me, he did not want it, I kind of thought it a little silly, however I have found it valuable. The lights went off here in Antigua, Guatemala for a short while. I store my pen light, candles, and lighter in specific places, never change. I need to find them in the dark.

The pen light is a good light, 99 percent of the time a flashlight is not need. I keep looking for a shake and charge small flashlight. The bottom line is a flashlight is too heavy for the amount of times I need it. Therefore this pen light is perfect. The switch is not a slide switch, this is perfect, normally a slide switch does just that, it slides and you have not battery when you need it. This pen light is difficult to keep on, I must continually squeeze it. It is just want I need.

I have this cork, pop in a bottle, fill the bottle with kerosene bobby, it is when there really is no electricity.

Pen Light


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