Wifi is not as easy as the make it.
In the USA it is easy because the telephone company send or sets up a open WIFI for homes as part of DSL. Oops a new open system
However, I purchased a wifi finder.
It found them, but did not say,
- This one is unlocked-
IF I had a little Wifi Finder that told me, this is OPEN or UNlocked I could jump on hot spot easier. Presently I have to turn on my computer in the middle of the street or in the hotel to see if there is one.
IF there was a handheld I would walk in front of the hotel... I should blog this.

I was writing Ash, decided it would be a good idea to open this up and try to find this device.
IF I could walk into the lobby of a hotel or hostel, take a look in my new room. Open the little WIFI Finder, check to see if open, I could then make a decision to rent the room or not to rent the room on the availability of the Wifi.
In the room I am in presently the owner of the Hotel did not know they had WIFI in the room, I turned on the computer by accident and said,

I found it.

I CANNOT OPEN a computer in the lobby of hotels. I have a front backpack, a backpack and who cares what the hotel advertises that never works.



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These devices have evolved in functionality over time. Some will detect Bluetooth as well as rule out microwave ovens, for instrance. To my mind, the best WiFi Finder is the Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter (HS10) which cost’s about $50 USD and shows either if a hotspot is Opened or Closed (encrypted), what channel it’s on and it’s Network Name (SSID). No other WiFi Finder reveals encryption/unencryption status. It’s pricier and a little thicker feel than others (though it’s still light), but it has a digital display. However, it won’t detect some routers because they broadcast their Network prescence at too high a speed, but those are not that prevalent.

There are pro’s and con’s among the different models and these are discussed in an online article comparing various current models:

- Chris

We love these little wifi finder devices!
We have the ZyXel AG-225H and we've done quite a bit of work on hacking it to insert your own code and extend the capabilities. Check it out at
Long live wifi finders!

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