Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

 Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

I have a FREE wireless connection in my room.

I am in Antigua Guatemala in the Hotel called Don Quijote, I have a Wifi connection in my room with this speed shown by graphic. I am paying 13 U.S. Dollars per night, about 7 more than needed in Guatemala.

I wish make some telephone calls with and to get prepared to quickly enter the USA, do my deeds, then get out fast. I need to contact some persons before to get them up to speed for when I enter the USA.

I am in Room 8 a room without a private bath, however the routers is actually in my room. Wifi is not my preferred type of connection. A regular ethernet cable is more reliable and better. Wifi does not go through concrete walls good, therefore just does not work in most Hotels.

 Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala


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Thanks for the post. Thats a nice surprise, 11.0 Mbps is faster than I expected from anywhere in Guatemala, wireless or otherwise. From other reports as well, Antigua sounded like the preferred place to be for an internet mobile office in Guate. Don Quijote room 8 it is.

Do you use a protective sleeve for your laptop when traveling?


I made a protective sleave before they started selling them. Then I discovered I needed the Computer Bag (mine is like a backpack also).

You need a Laptop Bag for protection, however, more for planes. You can carry rocks in a laptop bag and get on the plane.

My next design of backpacks is going to have somewhat light, nylon bag that poses or looks like a computer bag when full. However is just light nylon, I will then use a padded sleave. I put all my bags inside the 14x9x22 carry on size front page.

This bag explodes to get biggger.

Most Wireless routers have Ethernet ports on the backside -- if your router has an unused RJ-45 Ethernet port you can increase your bandwidth further, perhaps up to 100 mbps by attaching your travel cable from there to your laptop.

Guatemala's sounds like a cool desto - but tell me, what's behind going to Budapest next?

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