Micro Hydro Electricity Generator

Micro Hydro Electricity Generator

Translated that means a very small machines that will make electricity by using the water from a stream or water from a dam.

I am trying to find a cheap way to generate some electricity in the future to run my computer in the bush.. hehehe

Solar is good, but for a longer period it appears that Water electricity would work. I am thinking the water would be a lot cheaper, because the solar electric cells cannot be purchased just anywhere on the planet. I think I could convert a car alternator to a system, then store in a series of batters. Contrary to any illusions there are car batteries on the planet, the primitive word is hard to find. Coca Cola is already there.

Inverters, converters, etc, all the crap that is needed can be purchase now for a few dollars. I guess the challenge here for me is to know if there is a way to harness enough electricity to cook a cheese sandwich or boil water here in Guatemala, it would get rid of the problem with burning wood. To work you need to be able to make this for less than 20 U.S. dollars in any country. That is my idea of sustainable. They sell electric hot plates on the planet for about 3 dollars.

From this link I found the information below.

-The use of DC motors as generator
Permanent DC motors are a cheap and easy source of generators. They work in the same way as a dynamo. There are more efficient ways of doing this but this is certainly the easiest. DC motors can be found in scraped cars (fan motor etc.). Turn them fast enough and you've got power.-

I found some priced at 1000-2000 U.S. Dollars, I suppose there are suckers born every day.

Micro Hydro Electricity Generator


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is that, by any chance, why you had a solar shower taped to a stick? because that could work as a runner to spin something if held in water flow...

Nothing to do with the bag on a stick.

I think TEG's (thermoelectric generators) are interesting. A Russian company called Thermocluster offers a few varieties of these for generating remote power (see the drop-down "Products" links)


I contacted them in Russia once and a propane powered unit that could electrify a small cottage or cabin was selling for $650 direct, but was substantially marked up from UK or US resellers. There is available a couple sizes of fire or stove heat TEG's available through them, but I guess the larger kettle size would be too large to backpack.

I have also looked into a small Finnish system but it was a bit pricey and was more geared to charging cell-phones, small lights and battery chargers, radios and such:


- Chris

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