Hotel Security Safe

Hotel Security Safe

This is a concrete safe or box in my present Hotel room, it is as close to perfect as I have encountered.

There are small safes sometimes in the room, sometimes in the reception area, and always the offer to give valuables to the management to steal.

This safe or box in the room is heavy, made of concrete, can be moved for the convenience of the owner of the hotel to arrange the rooms. Heavy enough that someone cannot open it; the owner has a key for the lock. Bottom line is it is big enough to actually hold valuables. Camera, computer etc, most safes only will hole small crap, this is big enough to hold my computer. Highly abnormal or unusual.

The great part is I can use my padlock and I do not have to trust the staff of the hotel. I consider all hotel staff or assume I am going to be robbed by the hotel management. The last think I want to do is give them my valuable for protection. I am 100 percent sure I can protect better. It this safe was twice as high, had one shelf, and an electrical plug inside to charge my computer and cell phone it would be close to perfect. I want to be able to put my whole backpack in the safe.

Hotel Security Safe


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that's pretty amazing! I think only twice I had access to decent valuable storage when I was away. Once in Goa, I stayed in a place called Cozy Nook in Palolem, and they had a room with school-type lockers in, but you had to use your own padlock. good news! but only big enough for camera/ passport.

In kathmandu, the place I stayed that was owned by the Belgians, they had a cupboard set into the wall in my room with 2 doors on it. It had 2 handles on, so I could lock them together and they couldn't open it without pulling the doors off. There is always a way to vandalise your way to soemone's stuff, but it is too obvious.

Unfortunately, the handles were offset from each other diagonally, so i couldn't use my long-shank padlock. I had to wrap my small cable-lock around it a whole bunch of times to secure. if it takes a minute for me to unwind it all, it's annoying.

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