Gumbs in Anguilla

Gumbs in Anguilla

This is Hutson Gumbs, the taxi driver called him a Historian. He is the owners of my Guesthouse the Casa Nadine�s here on the Island of Anguilla. My 20 dollars live with the locals or live more with workers that came from other islands guesthouse.

Hutson Gumbs

I have met Hutson, I met a man in St Martin called Fatso Gumps or Gumbs, I am getting confused,  that rents cars, I seen a road near Blowing point here on Anguilla called something Gumbs.

(Mistake in spelling)
 I just realized Forrest Gump is the name of the Tom Hanks movie where I have heard this name.

Nonetheless, Hutson is a class act, can tell you the skinny on the island of Anguilla, I do not think he cares about money. He is just a good man enjoying life and hanging around.

I walked over to the graveyard close to the guesthouse, and look at some graves.

The first one I look at is a Gumbs, what a big name on this Island. I really enjoyed learning about the Gumbs, as this is a culture of it owns, a family, been here a long time. Make sure he tells you the story about William Gumbs, the Sharks, and the decision of William Gumbs in 1850 to marry Catherine Flemings while swimming to save his life.



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Dear reader,

I have see my lastname Gumbs, and the name from my Grandfather Samuel Gumbs on the grave and i want to know more about my Name.

My grandfather came from Anquilla to Curacao he was born on 4 april I dont know the year. but i can ask my father.

Can you tell me more about my name and family in anquilla.

researching the gumbs name i was born in what is now guyana 16 july 1944. i now reside in the
united kingdom, when my grand mother was alive i asked her (where my grand father came from? ) she replied, from one of the islands,i believe that connection could be anguilla.

Always interested in communicating w/ folks that have same surname.
What info have you been able to locate?
Sheila Gumbs

I am still looking for persons with the last name Gumbs who is related to Samuel Gumbs ( 4 april ) Who has lived (born) in anguilla. he left anguilla en went to curacou Netherlands Antillian. But he has had a britisch pasport.
In Curacou he married Marianita Windster. Before the Married Marianita already have children. He has raise them, and has have with his wife Marianita 2 sons Samuel and Ephrain Cristi Gumbs.

I am the older daughter of Ephrain Cristi Gumbs. We all was born in Curacou.
I am living now in Holland with my husband and 2 children. I have give my children also the last name Gumbs.

I like to know more family from Ephrain Cristi Gumbs and Samuel Gumbs. And more family from Anguilla.

If you can comminicate with me in English, spanish, netherlands or my own language papiamentu i like to have more information of my own relatives.and give the information that i know.

If you are living in Curacou or anguilla or Netherlands contact me.
My grandfather and grandmother do not live anymore.
I only have in live my own father and my uncle and my children with the last name Gumbs thta i really know., and have contact with.

Rhoünda Gumbs

my great grandpa named william gumbs came from anguilla to bermuda working on the ships back then, he married my great grandma who was a spence at that time if yu have any further info can yu contact me on facebook or via email.THANK yu

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