Guatemala Photographer

Guatemala Photographer

I walked by this man with the bigger than normal either Nikon or Canon digital camera, one of the types I have my eye on, I rather said hello; however he was not so interested in being friendly.

He was grimacing, searching for the photo. Now, to me the grimace needed to be left at home. Smiles make people relax, having fun is ok, however a photo appears when it appears. Of course you can if you work hard, try very hard, stage photos, make the photo happen.

I was being sneaky, taking a photo of the person taking the photo. This is a little complex to do, I am doing a test. Is this person really paying attention to the world around him or does he miss me completely trying to take his photo.

Guatemala Photographer


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I nearly bought a nice big-lense camera. I could have got it for just a little bit more than my camera i did get. But... I dunno. I don't think I would want to carry such a big camera.

They take great shots, for sure. And great for at home and around. But can i fit it in my pocket?

I carried my camera in my pocket most of the time when I was away. when I was trekking, I could whip out the camera without holding up my friend any more than I was already. If I had to have it in my backpack, then that would have been a problem I think. So I got one that is the size of a double deck of cards all stacked up. And it takes nice pictures enough for me. better than my old 35mm cameras did.

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