Guatemala Drinking Water

Guatemala Drinking Water

This is a fountain in the Pueblo of Santa Catarina four mile away from Panajachel, Guatemala.

It is common to have a fountain or common water area close to a village or in the village. This is maybe a well, government like city water, and then they can make money. Hard to say how the quality of the water is, however I doubt it has fluoride in it for their very bad or soft teeth.

Come on Coca Cola, do me a favor, and start putting fluoride in your drinks.

Not sure, maybe also for washing clothes, difficult to assess why it has this bowl like drop area below. I guess they can put the jugs under the taps. Then the water would flow into the holding tank.

This is about 50 meters from the lake or Lago Atitlan. The water table is maybe 20 meters down or something like that, and a good well would go deeper.

Water is needed for living, living on top of a mountain causes a water problem, and living next to a mountain solves a water problem, as the water is released form the sponge mountain.

Guatemala Drinking Water


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I remember when I was trekking in Nepal the amount tanks the people had installed to collect spring water as it flowed down the mountain and gathered in places.

In some places it was so clear. I asked the guide 'can I drink this?' and he said 'me yes, but you? no.'

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