Eating Healthy When Traveling

Eating Healthy When Traveling

I can drink fresh squeezed orange juice in most countries, after learning about malnutrition I was under the belief; I had malnutrition in Tibet after traveling in India and Nepal eating very bad. I developed a boil on my leg and this is a sign of weak immune system, a sort of secondary problem to Malnutrition.

I am slowly developing steadfast rules on foods. It I am trying to buy what I consider healthy foods, like vegetable, tuna, fruits I will not try to be price conscious, I now purchase and try not to learn the prices too closely. The problem is the price of food is very expensive in some countries and the healthier it is the more expensive. In the Caribbean, I almost had to cringe to buy the healthy foods. Here in Guatemala it is easy and cheap to consume the proper balances of foods.

Buying fresh squeezed orange juice.

Orange Juice from Guatemala on the streets of Panajachel.

Eating Healthy When Traveling


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Ah yes! In india I was quite cautios with fruit... didn't want to eat things with edible peels (at home I live off apples, so this was a problem) and oranges have too many pips.

There were times I remembered I need to eat fruits and started buying cartons of fruit juice in shops if I could tell it was lacking in chemical crap.

Goa was great.. pineapples! and they cut them for you, which saves a lot of effort. of course I made them cut a fresh one for me.

In nepal I couldn't always find fruits. I managed to find a tin of pineapple rings in a shop, which was better than nothing, but not fantastic. I am not a huge fan of GM crops and so forth, but seedless oranges and grapes are truely truely good!

the fruit in the picture is a native orange.

Here in the philippines, we call it "dalanghita" or "dalandan".

Nice taste.


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