I can go to Iraq, hang around in places where another person thinks I am crazy, however, I am worried, have no way to clearly deal with this problem. This is a worry with no clear solution, I know that I may have to work on acceptance.

I am going to get on a boat for over 10-14 hours and sail to Grenada soon...

Will I get too seasick on the boat?

I must sit in a bus just a yard or two meters being the front wheels, never read or I would for sure get motion sickness. I got seasick on a Cruise boat going to the Bahamas, not bad, but I was sick feeling.

This is not my favorite feeling, I am hoping it will only be hanging my head over the side once, then the good clean feeling after the storm will enter my body.

What are the cures?


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Many or most people get seasick on a boat. Some things to help you before you get it are fresh air, looking at the horizon, not going below. You can also take Stugeron or Dramamine, read the directions, you may need to start taking it a day or so ahead of time. Ginger flavored candies and ginger ale are supposed to help.

Usually it will go away after a few days, however you will only be out for a short trip (half a day).

Make sure you get enough liquids during and after being seasick.

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