Grand Anse Beach A 5

I guess the Grand Anse beach in St Georges, Grenada is a 5.

A 5 Bikini Beach, sad state of affairs for Caribbean Paradise wanna be.

Number 1 on the first day, only one of note.

Number 2 on second day at the Grand Anse Beach

Number 3 maybe 4, however not up to minimun age requirements.

We are not in a Bikini Rich environment.

Number 4 and up to age for sure.

Six, however she is imported.

Local Talent is missing



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Andy, you need to visit a Lake Michigan beach in July and August, the sun starved northerners really know how to appreciate the summer sun. Try St. Joe, South Haven, Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, they are all bikini beaches in the summertime.

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I hope to do a slow cross country trip to visit my brother in Seattle.

If only the guidebooks gave beaches marks based on these criteria, we'd all save a lot of time (and air miles).

If you need any help canvassing the publishers to make this happen, just give me a call ;o)

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