Chaguaramas Trinidad on the Hard

Chaguaramas Trinidad on the Hard
Saturday February 4, 2006, 6:54 AM

On the hard ground and not on the water, the water is soft, we are not in the water.

Craig and I are estimating the sail away from the dock day; it is cynical conversation about the boat and the trip, not optimistic and excited. The boat is presently like living in a body repair shop, there is painting still be done, there is almost nothing on the boat working perfectly.

I am not in control of my trip.

This is what I am feeling, I am always in control of when I come and go from a Hotel, there is very few times where I feel this way, and I guess I do feel this way in Europe with the problem of reservations. I like to know I can stay or leave. I am in control maybe, I could leave, however I am not in control of the body repair shop. There are parts of the boat scattered from one end to the other in the many little compartments. A boat takes every hollow area, puts on a door, makes a cupboard space, then on this boat they have stuff anything and everything into every compartment.

I do believe when the boat is in the water the repairs will slow down or stop, I want to clean the boat and get it organized, however I am stopping, there is no master plan, therefore I clean up the galley and the animal house members come in an destroy the place, more correctly Bill and Jakob. I am not a person that picks up after myself, I am very capable of dropping clothes, items, exactly where I finished used them. I do like to clean the ground in dirt, or the deep-seated grime that builds up on anything. The kitchen on the boat has not been cleaned well for at least one year of living inside the boat; the level of the grime in here reminds me of India.

A boat is meant to be in water, not on the hard, to find a boat to crew a person should be careful, a boat on the water is shipshape and ready to leave; a boat on the hard is having problems.


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Usually large boats have lots of necessary maintenance, more than one or two people can do on their own.

If you decide you like sailing and would like to travel by boat on your own, it should be possible to buy a boat and equip it for under $20,000. Look for a boat that is about 30 feet in length, and has been well taken care of by its owner and is close to being ready to go. Figure on spending about $10K to $15K on the boat and an additional amount to get it ready.

Here is a list of good small sailboats to look for:

You don't have to cross oceans to travel by small sailboat. You can sail in short coastal hops from the Great Lakes down to the Caribbean and Venezuela, maybe further. Most trips can be day trips, with a few overnight trips or multiday trips.

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