Camouflage Barbados

Camouflage Barbados

Camouflage shorts or clothing are not allowed in Barbados. I was entering the airport when the guy at immigrations said that my pants were illegal. I said, ok, I will change them when I get past the customs area.

The I go to customs area, the man says again they are illegal, however this time he makes me enter the toilet and change my pants.


The Caribbean has a complain at you culture. In both instances of this problem in the country of Barbados and most any country I have entered in the Caribbean the person gave me an order or said a statement.

No, excuse me sir, I am sorry, I need to tell you, and you need to change your pant.

- Your pants are illegal-

No suggestion, no help, just an order.

The Custom guy did the follow me routine. The bums in the road, the venders here or most all of the Caribbean I believe do the




I want to say - Hey, shut up -

I ignore them or give them the finger wag, the finger wag cannot be fought with. However they are not good at listening, they are violent and want respect, even though they do not deserve any respect, they have no manners.

Now in the customs department the guy said follow me, I am wondering if this is some type of pay back for slavery. Now is our turn, we will tell you what to do. Manners and respect for persons is to me the largest sign of development on the planet. Not obeying, or even disagreeing, I do not care if France disagrees or Germany.

Giving orders is only needed when the culture is so low that the only way each person talks with another is by screaming. I worked concrete in the USA for a couple of years. I was with the low lives of society, they only understood a direct comment. Very hard to get them to focus unless you raised your voice and almost hollered. A macho world and not my idea of fun, however I am good at it.

Tourisms departments of the world seem to need a marketing lesson in how manners are and how to introduce themselves, how to say hello, how to be better than McDonalds. Manners is the best sign of development. Just starting to talk, no introductions, these are signs that the person will forever be poor. A business needs to know that the contracts will be respected. Manners is a good start.


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Andy, you are killing me. If you want to get treated like #@$%, just drive up north to that major city to the NE of your hometown.

I think it is pretty clear that no backpackers go to the Carib because it is expensive and the people think its OK to act like axeholes.

Please go to Brasil or Peru, somewhere where the people are real and don't hate you for being an outsider.

Thank you for letting me know that the Carib is worthless, I will never go there.

I pay a lot, I live worst.
Go figure...

The Caribbean is not worthless, however every person and everyone has a perfect place. This is not my perfect place, that is me. This is for sure paradise for man.

I travel for fun, I travel to all countries. Each person needs to be responsible and choose their paradise carefully.

Tell me how much politeness and excuse me sirs I would get as a black Caribbean person at JFK or any US airport.

If you have broken a law, the authorities don't have to be polite in telling you so.

And just because these are developing countries, they don't have to bow and scrape to you.

Those days are done!

All countries need to be polite, there is no doubt the custom officers at any USA port, and especailly the New York ( I call it the armpit of the country ) are rude, difficult and I even hope they speak English.

My goal is to have people stop giving peolple orders. Say, Hello, Excuse me, the Caribbean Culture give orders. Manners need upgraded in the Carribean as does most of the planet. Tourism is about a Hello, I always laugh in the Philippines, the local call me SIR so many times I cannot stop laughing. In Thailand they will say - Sawasdee Ka - many times.

Everyone is afraids to comment because they know the Caribbean is black, this has nothing to do with color, it does I hope have to do with the freedom or adults, older, I am 50 to encourage, and TRAVEL WRTERS to speak without fear of reprisal the truth, and to encourage the best in people. I am trying to leave the Tourist Bubble, however I am one of the few, I do want to know the people and the culture, IF I could get them to talk to me, it would be better.

Many people will talk to me one on one, however when a group comes, it is like a Mullah walking into the crowd. I become the infedel and everyone leave.

Note, many calling me names comments are not shown, however whatever the commment, if pleasant, good and not just trying to fight will be published. A good example of someone trying to set me straight and disagreeing. Thanks

But can you not accept a culture for what it is and that it is different to yours.

I rather honesty than politeness. Why say sorry when you are not (do you think the officer was in any way sorry). Why say please when you are not. I'm more likely to be offended by non-genuineness and lies.

Sawadee-kah is Thai culture. I've been there. It's nice. But that is their culture. What if it is not Caribbean culture, then just acccept it.

What's the point of travelling if all you do is compare one place to another and expect all cultures to be the same . . . to suit you.

I've been to many places where saying please wasn't the norm (scandinavia for one). I just got on with it. Noted the uniqueness and accepted it.

Give the people a break man! I'm glad you survived despite having to adapt ever so slightly.

Would you even be saying these things about a developed country? Or is it only the developing workd that you expect to sway to your needs and fancies.
Smiling faces saying, "Yes massa!" or "No sir!"

That's nice but I prefer genuine people!

I am learning.
I am a single guy walking around, I have long hair, going to be in a ponytail soon. What I have learned is because I am maybe not the normal stereotype Couples or Package Tour stay in the resort person the Dread types come up and want to sell me drugs, women, etc. I do not need the what-ever-you-call this talk, and I do not need anyone ordering me to do anything. I am 50 year old man, do not like Bob Marley, do not do drugs, do not drink, do not want to have people offer me drugs.

I agree with the pants thing, there is nothing wrong with this law. I do feel there is an intimidation going on, I am living OUTSIDE THE RESORTS - I am the one that is really trying to understand the culture, there is a reason they hide in the resorts and you should ask why. Not me, I can like or dislike anything, I travel for fun only, it is not a spiritual movement, save the world, kiss anyone reason. I like to travel and meet fun cultures. Anguilla where I am now is great.

This pants thing was to help travelers not have to change their pants. On the other hand, all cultures need to be polite, including the OBNOXIIOUS AND EXTREMELY RUDE USA Customs.

I tried to take a photos of the immigration guy in the USA, he got very angry. I was going to put his photo on the internet... Did not work.

Politenes, to a Jackass like you, the way you are describing the people of the caribbean is so untrue, i have been all over, pure hospitality a lovely people and i could go on forever, however a racist bastard like you, talkin about payback for slavery, what u need to realise is that everyone doesn'tcare about your stupid ass, i am sorry they didn't chain ur balls and hang you as a payback for your lies, the caribbean is a beautiful place and thanks to my Job i am there regularly, and i will be in Barbados on Friday thank God, i LOVE that place, p.s i was neither born in the caribbean, have caribbean family or am need a life, the world does not revolve around treating you like your a king when your a piece of shit, places in the US are WAYYYYYYYYYYY worse i get no manners all over the states, it's no different anywhere, there's some of the same all over, thank god there's not too many of you however "SMILE" jus cuz u couldn't wear ur camo pants, grow up!!

Will Someone tell me WHERE is this law posted in Barbados, my son had to change his pants at the airport and he is just 8...I would have not brought camouflage wear had I known...the airline or travel agents do not tell you when you pay your money to Book the trip..I do not have a problem with the law, but can you let you Visitors Know before you come...I still love it there.....and I will go back.Without camouflage wear.

I've lived on the island of Barbados for 56 long years, and I can assure you that the payback for slavery thing is very much alive and well on this island.
The man is entirely right in assuming that the surly orders from officious Officialdom are closely tied in with a PAYBACK FOR SLAVERY thing going down here, as fostered by a small Marxist-Leninist/Black Nationalist cadre operating out of the local campus of Univ.W.Indies at Cave Hill.
No-one wants to talk this bluntly, but let me assure you that what I say is correct, and very unpopular, like I give a shirt!

I found notices on most every travel site I looked at before going to Barbados as well as both US and Canadian travel advisory sites. Most everyone on the island has a uniform for work. I imagine that wearing a part of military uniform may be disrespectful to the military, that and an island the size and nature of many of the small islands around the world could be taken over in a coup by a small well armed well trained well funded group of operators and makes these governments, some corrupt, nervous about any sort of military clothing arriving on their shores.
I think a little more research on your part before traveling is needed. I am usually treated very well when I travel but I arrive with no expectations and try to be as accepting of the local laws and customs as I would ask others to be coming to my country.

The last comment was funny.

The Carribean is crap, this is the bottom line, I have only visted 10 of the 27 countries though.

I just got back from a cruise that stopped in Barbados. I was told to take off my camo patrol cap before I left the boat. I've got 2 kids in Afghanistan and that's how I show my support for them. Bush approved military aid to Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago. If you're taking my tax dollars to aid your military then don't tell me what to wear. Get your hand out of my wallet if you want me to respect your opinion. And one other thing Andy, you're right on target with the respect arguement. They have none in Barbados. The man in charge of the taxi station at the port said that it was 2 dollars a head. When we got to town, the old guy driving the taxi/minivan tried to charge an elderly couple 3 dollars a head until the rest of us overheard what was going on and called him out on it. Scratch Barbados off the travel list and cut off the supply of US tax dollars. There are other islands in the carribean that are hospitable places to visit. Visit and spend your money there. Antigua and St. Maartens were nice.

Geez I think some are getting a bit carried away. Every Island has its own feel and way of living yes some like more populated cities you will find drugs and dealers as in Jamaica but I love Jamaica and the people there. Some of the other Islands are dirt rude and Im rude right back and just dont spend my money there I live in Miami and theres plenty of rudeness but not everywhere. Easy solution travel to and spend money where they appreciate it. No one likes to be treated like crap specially if your on vacation there are dozens of Islands to choose from in teh Caribbean and not all inhabitants are jerks and Im sorry but there is reverse descrimination there THATS A FACT but not on all the Islands. St Maarten , Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Anguilla where the nicest and friendliest. St Thomas, Barbados are rude and not friendly unfortunately but these places are more residential than tourst dependant nice for a wedding or 5 star stays local contact not the best.

Over the years there have been isolated cases of groups of armed men imitating both police and soldiers by wearing similar uniforms. They would set up fake roadblocks and in the most violent communities they have conducted fake police raids to confuse their enemies. These relatively small bands of criminals are almost para-military in thier conduct.

You guys are a bunch of white supremacist assholes if you go somewhere you

just like in greece you wouldnt make the ok sign or in like in most arab countries where you wouldnt go dressed like paris hilton in carribean camouflage is not kosher.

Get over your sense of entitlement and learn that there is a planet beyond the continental united states

Carribean blacks are racist and have no respect for people, they want to be a tribal chief just like the one that sold them to the whites on Ghana, etc. This is a tribal cultural hangover.

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