Do not order on the internet before you leave.

I ordered a camera from WolfCamera.com, I really wanted this cybershot waterproof camera from Sony, just like the one I had before.

Very durable and great to use, perfect for me as a traveler, the price was 76 dollars or something because it was discontinued... I am on back order waiting for them to figure out what day it is, I am not sure they can figure that out. I have to laugh, I chatted for one hour the other day, copy and pasted the whole chat and sent to them.

They keep re-assuring me they have my order ( MY MONEY )
I want to know do you have my CAMERA...

BOTTOM LINE I SHOULD NOT ORDER SOMETHING FROM A WEB-SITE UNLESS I HAVE FIVE WEEKS - I was going to order this from the Philippines and pro-procrastinated.

I am paid the 36 Dollars for Next day Saturday delivery.
Please show the refund as it is now SIX days.

I am not happy, I WANT THE CAMERA.

However, I am flying to Bogoto, Colombia today, I will not return to the USA for 5 months or so, I knew I should have check better. You webpage showed they are discontinued and the last in stock, however now you say they are on back order. I will just let this run as I really do like this Sony Waterproof camera.

I would buy two if I knew you could send them.

I have nobody to talk to, chatted with you boy in India, sent you the email.

These are form letter responses, I can tell and feel it.

I know you have the order, I do think you have forgotten to read the past post or emails before you sent this.

Andy xxxxx


Thank you for choosing http://www.WolfCamera.com
a Ritz Interactive website

We just wanted to let you know that we have your order and have
not forgotten you.

We will ship the order as soon as the products are received from
the manufacturer.

You can check the status of your order at any time using our online
Order Status page link below and entering your order number and last

Order # xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sold To ME

Thanks for your patience and for shopping with

Customer Service can be reached at:


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Yeah - Wolf Camera is the same as Ritz and a few others. If you think they are unhelpful online, try going into a store. One guy (a manger, no less) refused to sell me lens tissue. I was standing there with the item in my hand and money in the other and he would not sell it.

Another time they said they could make prints from slides in a few days for a great price, which really surprised me. Then once they had my slides on the other side of the counter they said the film would be sent out to BF, Arizona or somewhere the next time they send things out. I had to argue with the guy and make some threats to get my film back. Apparently, once it gets to their lab, it only takes a few days to do the work, and then sits around until they decide to send it back. All told, they said it could take 4-5 weeks to get my stuff. No thanks! I paid our local pro lab a few dollars extra and got the prints the next day.

I have had nothing but trouble with this company. Actually, I ordered something online once and it actually got to me pretty quickly, but because it was their Quantaray brand, it was not the quality I expected from similar products with brand names.

Stay away from them! Sorry for the advice that was too late.

I bought a Nikon cool pix from a Wolf camera on 14th street in Atlanta. Within 9 months, it quit working. I took it back into the store and the salesman asked me if I had a sales receipt. I didn't, but every time I buy something from them, they ask for my phone number and name, so I know that they have a record of the sale. The salesman told me he couldn't help me at all unless I came up with the sales receipt.

This is ridiculous. Most reputable companies maintain sales records and are more than willing to help you if you have problems with their merchandise. The irony of this is that I went to Wolf because I thought they could provide customer service not available with Web-based purchases. I paid substantially more to buy the camera at Wolf than I would on-line and this turned out to be a waste of money.

I would urge you to go to Wolf /Ritz and ask for help to pick out the camera you want. After you find it, tell them you are going to order via the Web and leave.

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