Wifi or Wireless Connection in Tobago

Wifi or Wireless Connection in Tobago
Saturday January 21, 2006, 9:20 AM

I am sitting here in an Internet Café in Tobago, every computer in the internet café has a wireless connection. What is normal for the world is for all the computers to be connect by Ethernet cable, with this systems I just unconnected from the back and plug into my computer. Sometimes I have to have help to configure the IP - Internet Protocol addresses.

I ended up leaving the café and going to eat with Craig and Rose, the man roughly worked on the computer from 9:30 to 12:30, he was not able to connect the computer and actually started to cause some problems because he downloaded a driver of sorts, it was a little nerve wracking for me, and I do not download updates. They cause more problems than worth, updates are a risk, and if there is a problem, I could be sitting around for a week trying to find someone smart enough to fix the problem.


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My jobs are computers, and I often forget very simple stuff that will get you connected to wireless on mac. I wrote about that on my site’s forum here

Hope this helps

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