Tobago to Trinidad Ferry

Tobago to Trinidad Ferry
We left from Charlottsville on the 4:00 morning Maxi-van for 10 TT to Scarborough, hopped immediately on the Ferry to Trinidad and paid 50 TT for an air-conditioned ride to Trinidad. The plane would have taken much longer and would have arrived outside of the city, it was one of them after you figure out the time waiting for the plane, the distance the airport is from the city, cost of taxis and it is a better idea to take the slower form of transportation because it is more efficient.

If I was to fly away immediately from the airport, I would have taken the plane, more or less a connection is better to fly to the airplane, and the Ferry is better when just moseying around the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Think about the time you need to arrive ahead of schedule to the airport to check in, this is part of the time.


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Hi, I'm a traveller and I was was searching "Trinidad" and "ferry" on Google and it brought me to your site. I want to go to Trinidad but I don't know where I can look for either cheap flights or a boat from Venezuela or another south american country to Trinidad. If you have any tips on good websites, that would be great!
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