Tobago Fruit

Tobago Fruit

What is this?

The man in the next photo said this is Bernadine, I have great trouble understanding his English, the dialect, accent and pronunciation is to the level of difference whereby I can understand Spanish better than him. I tried to get him to write it down, he did that shrug, I quickly picked up on, and I do not believe he knows how to read. There is no value in pushing a person to write something down; you do not want to learn the reason for the hesitations. He is an obviously generous and helpful man.

He said when it was ripe; they would peel of the skins, somehow mix with Rum or something and make a drink.

This is Sandy, the owner of the Sandy Guesthouse here in Tobago, one of the best facilities I have encountered in long time. It has toilet paper and towels, cost about 20 U.S.A Dollars the wife is grumpy and impossible to understand for me, however all in all the facility is great. She is a nesting person that squats on the top floor, sort make you feel like you should leave. She moved me downstairs, gave me a TV in my new room and I can easily avoid her, the bottom rooms are better.
Tobago I believe is dangerous, more than Colombia, less than the center of Lima, nicer than Belize City by a long way, comparable is the Caye Caulker islands of Belize. There are bars on the windows and Sandy’s wife constantly wants me lock the doors. There is this constant awareness in the area that it is possible to be robbed. The - African Origin - person, the great guy, owner of the internet café asked a funny question, he said, why do all the Tourist Girls date the bums, and then nodded towards the beach area. There are many girls here from Europe and maybe America experimenting with the locals, when a person has zero commitments the truth comes out, the true person erupts. It is what is fun about coming to these countries, the observations of person showing culture without the shame constraints of their home culture.

I guess this is sheep, there are fields of sheep or goats interspersed into an area that maybe a real estate investor could believe is valuable. My guess is that any of the land in this area is over-priced and prone to some Tourist inflation values, nothing to do with real values. I could only apply some appraisal to the land here with an income approach, I would have to calculate how much money I could earn, and then back into the values.


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I think it is Barbadine, which can be cooked and eaten as a dessert or used to make jelly. It can also be cooked with milk and nutmeg and other spices.

I think the fruit in the picture are pomegranates and are used to make grenadine (grenadine syrup) which is a blood-red, strong syrup used in many alcoholic drinks.

Looks to be a type of Passionflower
(Passiflora) vine (judging from both the tendril, the "coil shaped" thing, in the picture and fruits), Barbadine the common name for P. quadrangularis.

It's a Passion Fruit, which when ripe, it's used to make passion fruit juice, or jam.. etc etc..

and by the way.. Tobago IS NOT more dangerous than Colombia.. are you crazy?! Tobago is one of the safest Caribbean isles in the W.I... but there can be crimes, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER PART OF THE WORLD. You just have to exercise common sense as you would anywhere else.

Andy here in Togo Africa

Hindsight is 20/20 they say...

Trinidad is much more dangerous than Togo, Colombia and hard to day safer than the rest of the Carribean. I know about 8 islands.

The in your face pushy people, and the Rasta culture is the reason, it is culture of drinking and not working and harms the people.

Colombia is a very modern culture, Bogota has a real interest in Education while most of the Carribean culture does not.

But, thanks for the clarification on fruits.

I do not want people to go to the Carribean and think it safe as the USA, it is not, but the inner cities of the USA are more dangerous.

Im from trinidad... its barbadine... passion fruit is something different. you can make a drink out of barbadine.... tobago is mostly safe.. but tourists are easy targets for a rip off... so you should always be smart.. and tourists tend to be dumb.... i think where ever you go as a tourist you should always watch your back and nowhere is completely safe... Trinidad... has more crime than tobago... but jamaica has the highest crime rate in the caribbean... as for the comment about pushy, in your face, pushy, rasta, drinking, not working comment by andyhobotraveler is really quite offensive.. and clearly he did not have a pleasant experience. perhaps one day in the future he will learn what the rasta culture really symbolizes and will not make rash judgments like that.

I am originally from Tobago . And I find the comments offensive also. Tobagonians put a very high premium on education. Why else would we have a very high literacy rate. It is the only place I know of where bar room conversation consists of a dissection of politics and current world events. Even when drunk we have philosophical debates. Also Just because someone has dreadlocks does not make them a rasta. True Rastas are not "pushy in your face" people ...unless you showed them disrespect first. So please do not assume that the people you met while on the beach are representative of the entire population. In general we are friendly and always willing to help unless you show yourself to be abrasive, condescending, or disrespectful.
I applaud you though in your efforts to point out that the Caribbean islands are not benign. There is crime here particularly as tourists with there behavior have made themselves easy marks. The very same things that are frowned upon where you are from are frowned upon in the caribbean also. By all means visit, but use some common sense

Listen, that fruit is Barbadine (pronounced Bah-bah-deen). It is called Grenadine in some parts of the world. It is used to make a great milk drink and ice-cream. I saw that someone wrote that it is cooked and also used to make jellies. That I did not know and I am Trini to the bone! (Meaning I was born in Trinidad, for those who do not know that expression). It is never eaten raw...

I honestly cannot believe the comments about Rasta. That is insulting and shows the small mindedness of the individual making the comment. To make a generalized statement about a group of people that you know nothing about is ignorant. For educational purposes that fruit pictured above is indeed a Barbadine which is different from a passion fruit. They both grow on vines yes, the passion fruit is smaller rounder with a harder skin than the Barbadine. Yes as the illeterate man as he was referred to stated when ripe the barbadine is peeled and can be made into a punch with milk and is often used to make icecream.

This is from a very literate and well educated Trinidadian physician that happens to be a rasta.

And here in Kenya, Africa.

Funny to read post years later.

Trinidad and Tobago are still more dangerous than Africa.

Did not find Rastas in Ethiopia however found a couple in Rwanda.

A Rasta Physician...funny.

The concept of being a true rasta is racist, I do not find true rastas. I have zero respect for the Rasta culture and do my best to avoid, whenever I get near any person saying the word Rasta I think trouble.

Sorry Doc, you can pretend all you want and be as literate as you want. The Rasta does not represent and is not an image of trust and dignitybto the majority of people on the planet.

Real life is real, not what you want.
Andy in Kenya where people with dreada are the bums.

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