Recommend SEO and earn 25 Dollars

Me and Andrew are playing, I want some SEO advice, so I am posting a reward of 25 U.S. Dollars to any person or techie types who can recommend good SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION options for

I want some good advice, usable, easy to implement, cost effective, the site has 50,000 pages so not that easy to just change.

Andrew is still working on it, however it is the only way I can figure out how to get the collective brains of the planet to help the site.

There are probably some good links explaining this on the Research Blog on the subject.


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I've started reading ProBlogger.

"Helping Bloggers Earn Money"

In all, a blog about blogs...what works in monetizing blogs, tips, tools and topical articles. In all, things of interest to bloggers, but not written for average blog readers. Revenue streams, afiliations, page design and such. Here's the SEO page: and as such not an SEO strategy in of itself but a Meta-SEO portal of sorts.

Hope this to be of interest in your SEO optimization quest. Information IS free.

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