Forgot Olympus Camera Cable

Forgot Olympus Camera Cable
Tuesday January 24, 2006, 8:25 AM

I went to King George Fort in Scarborough, it on top of one of the highest points overlooking the bay. Today I thought, I am going to start my newsletter, I have about 100 plus photos and I should send more often, I dig out the smaller Olympus camera I used yesterday only because it is smaller and safer, I look for cord. I do not have one or I cannot find it. I had extra cords and made a bad decision in the USA. I feel weak about this; I am constantly worried about losing a system or a way to perform. One piece of any pie I am eating missing and they take the whole pie away from, to put photos on the net, blog, and create pages is the result of confusing chain of events.

1. Take Photo
2. Download photos off camera.
3. Mass shrink the size of the photos.
4. Publish or FTP photos to folders in my web site.
5. Mass create the links or pages, captions, and then publish.
6. FTP again the finished pages to internet.
7. Link the photos.

I use three hardware devices and four software programs to do all of this, sometimes five if I wanted to fix the photos with Paint shop.

I think of almost all parts of my life as a system or chain of events, the long process from beginning to end.

However my fear when traveling is missing one part and not being able to buy one, I am not sure how easy I can buy the cord, I do believe I can buy a card reader, maybe, I know the solution and what I was thinking, I have two Sony Camera and do not need the one cord, however Wolf Cameras did not come through on there web site and my plans went astray.


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