Dummy Us Down

I am thinking....

I was told one time when the newspapers would come out in the American Colonies in the 1700 or 1800s, they would have very serious subjects.

I was told they would have information like or example like the Marxist Theory, heavy reading and not on the front page of the papers today.

I believe that the major TV sources of news like CNN BBC Euronews and Fox, ABC etc etc and all the major sources have now stopped trying to appeal to the elaat, they are now only trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

We have to dummy down to want to listen or read some of the inane information.

It is annoying how a person could say they are an information junky and watch CNN or BBC, this is a repetitive process of one or two new stories. There is nothing about it that is world new, I travel the world and am amazed at the new world order.

I have to dummy down to enjoy.

I am very glad I do not have a TV in my room on a regular basis.


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I know what you mean. BBC is still relatively reputable inside the UK because it is government owned, and is therefore legally bound to be intelligent in news. (it's funny, a lot of americans don't trust BBC because it is government owned. But they are more openly critical of Tony Blair than independant Fox or ABC is of George Bush. ownership doesn't dictate clarity of truth).

In Britain, I do not know about elsewhere, there are 2 kind of newspapers. Broadsheet and Tabloid. Tabloids are small sized ones, about A3 size. broadsheets are double this size... not really a practical size to read from, true, but it tells them apart.

Broadsheets are what were read by intelligent people or rich buisness men. names like Financial Times and Daily Telegraph and The Guardian (my paper of choice).

tabloids tell us what new clothes david beckham has bought and sell it on as front page news. they are full of crap about celebrities and attractive women, often topless. papers like The Sun, The Star.

they appeal to people who don't read. people who will believe what they see. they are more interested in polemics than facts.

This is what I see TV doing: it is changing into tabloid and broadsheet.

BBC and CNN are still broadsheets, just. ITN, fox, ABC are just tabloids. not for people who think.


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I agree with that, although CNN is really trying it's best to become more tabloid. Some of the things I have seen on CNN are appaling.

The BBC is definitely still at the top of the news game in terms of "broadsheet".


I am aware of Broadsheet and the smaller ones, however I am not sure I see the point. BBC is about the same as CNN just slicker at it.

These companies are reporting conclusions and now what the - NEWS - is, they are not reporting events, the are drawing conclusions. It is irresponsible, I went to Niger because of a report on BBC and CNN about a Famine in Niger. There is no Famine in Niger and the NGO get very angry if you use the word.

BBC and CNN both come up with a story and then go take photos and collect persons that wish to be on TV to support the case.

I watched BBC do this the same as CNN from the Al Fanar Hotel in the Green Zone of Baghdad.

I watched on TV a demonstration, realized it was outside the door. Went outside and found out that what was on TV was not happening outside, not even close.

They are either very stupid, or just liars.

CNN and BBC are the same.

There needs to be a check and balances on the -Fourth Estate-

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