Cell Telephone GPS Ft Wayne Indiana

Cell Telephone GPS Ft Wayne Indiana

41? 07.92N
085? 09.765W

This is the GPS coordinates of a brain of good value in Ft Wayne Indiana. The guys name is Steve, big and smiles a lot, about six foot three inches tall, and works in WirelessToyz.com store behind the Cracker Barrel on Lima Road and Washington Center Road in Fort Wayne or darn, I must use Ft Wayne Indiana.

41? 07.92N
085? 09.765W
937 Feet Elevation above Sea Level

Steve can answer most CELL phone questions; in my world, I call this type of person one of my - SMART PEOPLE - .

I collect list of - Smart People - and try to annotate and mark them, they are the 1 in 50 with common sense, that mystical magical, non-existent quality.


It is annoying how many little variables I need to pay attention to type on a computer that is going to be published to the internet. There is no universal way of typing that will make this work correctly for the internet. It is required that I type words sometime in what I would consider bad grammar or incorrect. What am I to do with this little symbol for degrees, that is part of the GPS or Global Positioning Satellite Coordinate

- ? -

I am having severe problems with quotations marks in blogs and am abandoning them all together I hope with the - dash - mark so it does not turn into some Chinese character or apostrophes with funny symbols next to it, the computer transliteration process that happens is just not perfect. It has something to do with Unicode, which I am to old and not enough years to go to care to learn, it would be too much, or I cannot be bothered. I just do not care to think or more accurately, I do not care who reads this.

I will figure out the ? - degree - thingy better because I am going to use the GPS coordinates thingamajobby in all of my database driven websites as soon as I get to first base on a few of them.

That is a word in my computer dictionary spell check, however the thingamajobby is not, interesting, and fun words for the foreigners to learn. Fluency in a language is learning about words like thingamajobby or whatnot, and so forths, how to understand a person that does not speak perfect English. Actually if you really want to listen to people speak perfect English or read this, listen to a Norwegian person speak, and they do a lot better than Americans or English persons and for sure better than the Australians. Canadians should always be ignored, and left out; they are way over the politically correct edge and are drowning in their own politically correct sputters. Thank God, the USA has salvage and purchase the best of the lot? as the Canadians say,

- We breed em, you buy em -

Cell Telephone GPS Ft Wayne Indiana

That has no commons, the Fort is abbreviated, this is because when someone searches for a cell phone in Fort Wayne Indiana and the majority of persons abbreviates or uses the FT instead of the Fort when they type the city name. I personally do not use or think a person should type FT, as they could mean Foot Wayne, that would make Anthony Wayne cringe; he would really be a Mad Anthony? hehehe


I just got in some big search terms and words in an effort to drive business to this mans business and shop, he has a partner and I forgot his name. I use this toy, not a wireless toy, however a search engine toy to see what words are popular on the internet, generally I would think if a webmaster does not know about this toy or similar toys they are lost in space and should be abandoned. This thingamabob gives you the number of time some mom and pop or young kid search for a word; I think in a month, it is a guide.


Cell Telephone GPS Ft Wayne Indiana


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For degrees, use either a d or a o.

I prefer decimal degrees over ' and ".

If you really want to have some fun, start using Google Earth!

Re: Degrees Marks

Andy, I’m no GPS expert, but it looks to me like you might be able to eliminate web page/blog character display problems when showing a GPS coordinate if you use the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) format in decimal. Which according to the specs on your device, it does. The decimal equivalent does not require the special characters, similar to ones that display in Google Maps.


For instance, if you input your mentioned 41 07.92 N, 85 09.765 W in Google Maps it returns the location in Fort Wayne, Indiana and a companion GPS coordinate in decimal of 41.132000, -85.162750.

On the other side of the planet, say, in Bangkok would be 13.733333, 100.500000.

North and East are positive values, and South and West are negative values based on a starting point at Greenwich Mean Time and the Equator.

If the GPS Magellan eXplorist 100 will display in decimal, you won’t have to convert any data. And readers can simply input the values to see where you are.


Try holding down the Alt key and then press 5 0 4 on the number pad to get a degree symbol °.

Does not work on my laptop, probably will work on a normal keyboard. I do not have the number pad.

NOTE: The problem with the degree sign is it does not go through an email and come out a blog as the same thing. On my computer it is a Equals = sign. The world is not unified in the way they deal with these characters.

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