Bogota Colombia Art Photos

Bogotá Colombia Art Photos

There is this artist, very unique in Bogotá that went around making Statues in the Candalaria area of Bogotá, he is wonderful. The statures have poses often as if they are working on the house, climbing in a window like a burglar, or just up there sitting.

There is a square in the student area of the Candalaria where the artist put up multiple statues. I personally think this little square should be on any tour of Bogotá. This is one of the many statures.

There is this wall with fake window and many statues in various poses.

Bobo Del Tranvia
I do not know what that means, however they are trying to show a campesino or farmer, not easy to find in the middle of modern Bogotá a person that looks like this. Many times this is just a cultural hangover and not so real or easy to see. It is real though and possible outside of Bogotá in the country, also where the NarcoTrafficers live… hehehe


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This is a series of statues that represent the historical crazie people of Bogotá. Bobo del tranvia is something like "the crazy of the train". Conde de Cuchicute was a man that believe that he was a count. This photos were taken in the historical district of "La Candelaria" near the origin point of Bogota. This site is named "El chorro de Quevedo" and it was an ancient water supply for the city.

"El Bobo del Tranvia" (the fool of the tramway or streetcar) was a real person who lived in Bogota in the early days of the 1900's, when streetcars ran on rails. This person was a mentally retarded street beggar whose delusion was that he was in charge of the streetcars and would ocassionally ned to pull them. He was a harmless character, as most are.
The "Conde de Cuchicute" was another street character whose delusion was that he was of noble birth, and he was always dressed in an old attire, with hat, gloves,necktie, cane and spats. He survived for many years on alms from people who enjoyed greeting him,as he had impeccable manners, and was also harmless.

Hehe, very good photos, I'm colombian, I can't speak english very well, but I know the history of my city. "El bobo del tranvia" was a man who lived in 40's years, and he runed at back of the tramway 'cause he always taked to his little sister, one day she scape with a boyfriend and since taht day, he runed every day to "pick" his sister. He dressed like a police of the ways (I don't know how you call them)and directed de ways and stops of the tramway. Do you met so special country in another side?

¡Colombia tierra quedira, himno de fe y armonia!

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