Saturday, July 09, 2005

Made Deal to Buy Mercedes Camper Van

I am going to buy or I put money down to close a deal on a Mercedes Camper Van on Tuesday. That is when I need to figure out all the paperwork and pay them. It is an old van, tall enough to stand inside, has a shower and can sleep 5 close friends, and 4 not so close friends.

Has a cooking range and fridge, however no toilet, guess I can buy a portable, or go for the woods.

Seem perfect, I am still trying to slice and dice the huge language problem. I need to be sure to get done whatever needs done as far as insurance and plates to travel all of Europe.

I weighed it a lot and there are windows, I think passengers would like to look out the window, this is really a camper van, however smaller like a van, with the vaulted ceilings. I just made the deal an hour ago, and now I have to suss out the business on Monday and close the deal on Tuesday, then I go to Poland.

Amazing the number of stunning blonds in Lithuania, fake or real, who cares.

Note I am figuring this way.
I save on gas because I can share with people, has room to take up to 7 including me easily.

I save on food cost because I can buy from groceries and store.

I get to see the real countries and stay out of the Tourist Bubbles.

I need a break from Hotels and Hostels.

No packing and unpacking.

I will probably sleep along the way about two to three nights per week, this will save about 50 USA per week, minimal.

Just another life.

Marijampole Lithuania

Marijampole Lithuania
I am happily settled in Marijampole, Lithuania located close to the western border of Lithuania, just before you enter Poland. A quirky city that is on a railway track and maybe you would say the main road corridor leading to Poland.

Automobile or Cars Sales City

This city of Marijampole is a major trade center for this area; it as best I can figure out so far sells many cars to Russia speaking people. Robert the son of a person selling cars that came to the car lot to translate was explaining that people from the country of Kazakhstan come to purchase cars here. The one car salesperson was saying that one van came from Holland and another from Germany. Hard to say, however maybe the cheaper cars are in Germany or Holland, however difficult to access values across multiple countries. Local people do not normally understand the economic impact from country to country or the trade that occurs. The normal local person does not know more than the snapshot of their location.

This city is an importer or distributor of cars purchased from other locations, I believe it behooves me to try to understand this type of economic phenomena.

Travel Europe in a Van

James Micheners book the Drifter talks about a group of travelers going around Europe in a Van, this is the stereotype.

Here is a Hostel International poster and showing the same stereotype. Where is this world?

I am trying to buy a van presently in this small city.

VolksWagons, some are Diesel or Benzine...

I am learning on the fly, I think I need some type of European Union sticker on the plate.

I finally realized that sometimes the gas cap will say if the vehicle is gas or diesel.

I looked very hard at this Ford Transit for 1300 Euros, the cars are sold in Euros.

Marijampole Lithuania Kindness

Marijampole Lithuania Kindness
I sometime believe the cause of all anger or discourse between nations starts with people in cities. I entered a small city by the name of Marijampole and have been amazed at the warm and helpful welcome I have received. The people of Vilnious were cold and distant, in many ways just annoyed to try to help or be of help to anyone. I do not see this as being only to foreigners or tourist; I did not see kindness to their own people. However here in Marijampole there has a been unbelievable levels of welcome.

This man works for Ecolines Bus systems, not Eurolines, Ecolines. I was walking around outside the bus station trying to access or figure out where the center of Marijampole was located. I decided to walk into a bus office and kill to birds with one stone, ask about the location of the center, and learn about possible bus tickets.

Alec and Christina helped me to find a Hotel, explained the location of the center of the city. Alec called around found the best price on a Hotel, and then drove me in his car to the Hotel for free. What a great guy.

The guy on the right is Robert, his father on the left. Robert is helping me to buy a van, this whole city is a rarity, everyone goes out of their way. The taxi driver went to four places to find this Internet Cafe, asked questions and really helped.

Vilnius Lithuania Church Photos

Vilnius Lithuania Church Photo

Church in Vilnious

Church in Vilnious

Church in Vilnious

I wanted so badly to take a photo of this wonderful Knight, the sun was to the back of this Knight and I had to take the photo from this direction to keep the sun at my back.

A nice statue down below my hostel.


A tower in Vilnious or Vinouas Lithuania

An interesting combination of statue, and two churches or two steeples. Vilnious had many churches.

Artist in Vilinius Lithuania

Artist in Vilnius Lithuania

Vilnius Lithuania Photos

Vilnius Lithuania Photos

This is a naked woman statue; there is always a naked woman or man statue in all cities. I like the mermaid, it is better statue than most, and however the artists revel often in creation of questionable designs. There is statue in England as you enter one of the major parks that seems to be reward or benefit to the devil, like evil is good.

This is a question mark; there are multiple small doors on the barn or garage behind the house. Maybe there are many units in the home and every home has one unit, or possible this is to separate animals. Hard to know, I am not sure how long multiple families home have been in existence.

This is a great photo, a blowers attached to the outside of home, I have never seen this type of device used in this manner.

Travel or communication can be problem in all countries, however the misconceived representation that Europeans speak good English causes problem. My misinterpretation of the abilities is probably because I meet many travelers that do indeed speak great English. However, I have found the average person in most of the Eastern European countries speaks almost or very little English; about the same as if you wanted Americans to speak Spanish, you can find some that speak a little about anywhere.

I am now making signs to help me in the Bus Station or on the bus to indicate clearly, where I am going. My bad pronunciations is alleviated or mediated.


What is this?
This small hoop is located on the front of a home; there are bushes directly in front of the hoop, then the sidewalk. When the home was constructed maybe, there were no bushes or sidewalk and the use was more obvious.

What is this?
This may be a water tower; it is located outside the city along side the road in small scatters of homes. There were three situated maybe 500 meters apart in this area.

Bad photo, however what do you want, the bus was moving.

Look at the spelling of Vilnious, it appears to be spelled Vilniaus, however this could be another city, however I think it is spelled different for the same city.

Friday, July 08, 2005

7:00 AM Taxi
Friday July 8, 2005

I asked the manager of the impossible to spell correctly Filaretai Hostel here in Vilnius, Lithuania when the office opened in the morning, he wish to know why. I said so I can call a taxi, he said there would be no problem. He asked me at what time I wanted a Taxi and I said, 7:00 AM.

He looked at me as if he had never awoken that early in life, and I was crazy.

Taxi came as agreed, and this is good as represents the cultural ability to work. It cost 10.20 Lithuania money to the bus stop; this is maybe about 3 Dollars. U.S. The guy had a meter, upon arriving I was able to find a bus leaving in 25 minutes, so all is good.

I am thinking the price of a taxi is a good value in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania for sure, I am told the price of countries goes down. This means from my experimentation that Eastern Europe can be easy to travel. Germany is still a hassle, although I think Poland is cheap.

The cost of Hostel is too high in Riga and Tallinn, however if you worked very hard I think you could find a room in both for 10 Dollars, instead of the 20-25 Dollars. Riga is a very convenient city, however for sure living inside the tourist bubble.

I will go to Marijampole or something like that, close to the border of Poland, and then I have to find a room. So far, my luck at finding rooms in small places has been good. I think the taxis could be help; however, no one in Lithuania speaks English worth a hoot. I need to figure out a way to communicate, they just ignore me, so very difficult to figure out, sign language, writing thing down etc, does not work when people ignore you.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Curiosity Traveler

I am slowly reaching one of my goal... hehehe
I wish to tap into the collective knowledge of the world.

The internet is interactive, a person can comment on my issues or photos. My biggest problem of travel is the total lack of information about the things that interest me.

I stopped today and looked at what at first I thought was a basketball rim. What is this thing, who know, I will post soon. However I see traveler writer and guidebooks, magazine only talking about what they know. This it not travel, a traveler needs to learn about what they do not know.
So my goal is slowly evolving to where we all can post pictures of items and we can all learn or be curious about the world togethers. I know it is possible to take pictures of every strange item on the planet, and then we can learn together. This is why I really wish people would post their answers in the comments below the post on the blog. Then the world can learn along with me, that people for helping a traveler in a strange land, learn about the strange thing he encounters.

It is raining, it rained yesterday, this would spoil the traveler that must keep moving to enjoy lifes day, it just allows me to read my book "Alaska" by James Michener.
That man is a wonder, all those page and really before the computer.

London Bombers - Are they the Devil

London Bombers - Are they the Devil
The people that represent this religion are the Devil, they are evil to kill, then everyone just stands around and does not point their finger at the real problem. A religion that is working hand in hand with the devil.

Al Qaeda, the devil has many faces.

London Bombers


Reservations Kick me out of Filaretai Youth Hostel

I must leave tomorrow.
Reservations Kick me out of Filaretai Youth Hostel

Annoying... I am in a Backpacker Hostel and now I must leave, I will leave Vilnius as I am looking to find something normal. These tourist bubbles are killing me, I need a place where I can see a hardware, a shoe shop, a normal store. I am tired of Souvenir shops and restaurants selling nothing but food from other countries. It would be nice to see a tourist restaurant in Lithuania with a sign.

Lithuania Food

Ok, Vilnius is better than Riga for medieval Building and for sure it has two things.

1. More great looking churches, they challenge Chang Mai, Thailand for number of Religious buildings.
2. Stunning blond girls, I am not sure how.

However the city is very confusing from Filaretai Youth Hostel direction and I am not up to bothering with all the maps. It is definitely a city that would take a week to figure out clearly. I wish there was a sign for walking tours in the Hostel, I think I would pay to not be confused.

This is the first time in 8 years of travel I have actually had to leave because of a reservation. I did get kicked out of some Golden Crap place in Pai, Thailand. I think they did not like it that I did not sit around smoking dope like all the other travelers.

Lithuania Architecture Photos

Lithuania Architecture Photos

This arch is leading to somewhere, I suppose to a courtyard, this is very common here in Vilnius Lithuania. I see on the older and the newer. This does not have a gate, a gate would indicate to me a problem with theft and safety. This seem on the minor levels of safety problems, however the courtyards is a safety thing for sure.

Older Arch

I call this a Second Empire, however it was not only Napoleon who used.

What is this? I took photo from bus.

Lithuania Home Photos

Lithuania Home Photos

These are older home, however the clap board construction is around, however I think they have replaced with the concrete rooms.

On the left is the newer type shingles made of some type of plastic like material, and on the right is the Asbestos type, the Asbestos type is common, and is common in the whole world.

There are lots of balconies in Lithuania, and Vilnius has a 3-4 floor type of standard it appears.

These are the new type of living quarters as we entered Lithuania in the bus, they are like the higher rise type building in Turkey. This is rat and mouse type of life like there is in Paris. Very compact and organized living, I personally believe this type of living is bad for the mind and creates all sorts of mice in the brain problems.

A home in Lithuania

Photo from the bus.

Estonia Latvia Lithuania Culture

Estonia Latvia Lithuania Culture

I have noticed that they ignore completely what I am saying no matter how I say it, or what I do... I am good at sign language.

Eye contact is not made and they miss or are not able to communicate. These culture have a very poor ability to deal with direct comments. I am having a great time saying,
"Hello, how are you today?"
It drive these three countries crazy and I think nobody ever says hello.

I went into this grocery store, held up my ATM or Bank Card and made motions of putting this into the machine. They finally shake their head and say no, I go out and start to walk further down the street.

This Bank Machine is inside their store and pointed out, just goes to show you that you really need to be careful when asking people for help. The receptionist at the Hostel said there was none in the old town and I needed to go the miles back to the bus station to find a Bank Machine. This machine is right down the hill from the Hostel.

Beer and Alcohol takes up about 20 percent of all store and in the smaller stores a higher percentage.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lithuania is One-Half Price of Estonia or Latvia

The price of living has cut in half, I can live here for one-half the cost. It is an amazing jump down in price for the same quality of Hostel.

Riga is an easy city, however it cost me 24 dollars per night, then lowed to 20 per night, that is not a cheap country price. However outside the city I paid 14 for a private room in Latvia. I think Estonia is price right, and the others are in a Tourist Bubble.

Bus to Lithuania

Bus to Lithuania
I am hoping I will take a bus to Lithuania this morning, however I am not very sure, and my last trip to nowhere Ville left me wary. When I left Rapla, Estonia going to Riga, I found that the bus did not leave for two and one-half hours; therefore, I am a little worried here.

The owner of the Nameji Guesthouse here in Bauska, Latvia called the bus station to ask when the bus leaves for Kaunas, Lithuania. They said it leaves at 1530 or about 3:30 PM, this is very late in the day and really makes my life impossible, I do not have a room and need to arrive early.

It is not normal for buses to leave for major cities in the afternoon, this is only a two our trip.

I am going to apply my theory of travel.
Travel, leave, take off, and normally you will move forward.

Waiting for a decision on when to travel or when the bus leaves is not normally a good policy, I have found that when you are sitting in a bus station normally you get on a bus and go somewhere.

Owners of Hostels or Hotels are not good at helping to find buses to leave them, they always seem to lack on the number of questions or just cannot find the best time. There in nobody, better than yourself to ask the question, you have a vested interesting in leaving, they have a vested interest in you staying.

Vilnius Lithuania

I hope I spelled that right.

I am in Vilnius, Lithuania and settle in some Hostel, that does not seem very convenient however has a great kitchen with a wooden spatula, and a TV with only Lithuania channels. Pretty empty right now, however they say I have to leave in two day because it is fully booked.

I was trying to go to Kaunas, and the buses do not run to Bauskas, I understand why people only go to the big cities in Europe, it is very difficult to enter the smaller ones and leave on any schedule.

Ok, so I went to the bus station by 7:00
They said the first bus was at 3.30 or something.
I tried to thumb, no ride, so finally and old lady flagged down a bus to Vilnius or Minsk, Belarua. I followed her lead luckily.

Riga is a great and comfortable city, very convenient, the feel of Vilinius so far is very spread out and dead, however I have seen some stunning blond girls.

The farm land between Bauskas and Vilnius is extremely flat, almost perfect for farming, I am not sure about the cold or the water, however this appears perfect. There is strange thing along the road....

Farming in Undies
I noticed two guys on the way to Riga out in the vegetables in what looked like their underwear or maybe swim shorts.

Now on the way from Bauskas, to Vilnius I seen two girl in underwear and bras out in the vegetables working. Now this time I know my eye were not making jokes, the one girl had a thong on and pulled up high.

I tried my best to capture a photo, for sure I need a van.

So I am in Vilnius for a couple of day, I have paid the Hostel and as for now, I leave in two days as I do not believe I can be bothered to move. The city looks wonderfully ancient and majestically medieval, however I think the Hostel is empty and boring.

The name of the Hostel is Filaretai Youth Hostel, has a great facility and for sure could be fun with people, however she says I need to leave in two days.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Latvia Travel Newsletter

I have my Newsletter up and available online.
Many photos of Riga, Latvia

View from my Bauskas Latvia Window

View from my Bauskas Latvia Window
Photos of me looking out the window of my nice second floor room for 14 dollars U.S. per night

I opened the window this morning to allow some fresh air to enter and to encourage a few flies to vacate the premises.

I gave my laundry to Sandra the owner or manager of this very small guesthouse and wonderful place in Bauskas, Latvia. She was to wash, however I have learned my lesson many times when there is the hang on the clothesline method of drying prevalent, which is the whole world except for the USA that I must make sure or check to see if they are drying. So I looked down to see if my clothes were on the line, yes they are great, clean shirts this afternoon.

I scanned over to the left and zoomed in on a couple of calves, hoping to get that great panoramic view of the yellow mustard and the calves in one photos.

I take on photo of the calves and the background, and then download from the camera onto the computer. I stand up and grab some coffee, and a glass full of my homemade granola or trail mix. Then looking out the window again, I see that Sandra is moving the calves grazing position and is now available for the paparazzi. Therefore, I took another photo and add a human, funny how a picture of a human makes us realize we are alive.

Great day to be alive in the countryside of Latvia, almost like being down home on the farm in Indiana.

Africa Expedition

Africa Expedition
Hmm… I am thinking out-loud, trying to figure out a future path to follow.

I try not to use the world Expedition because I consider it presumptuous or snobbish, like there is some place that needs a present day Expedition. I would call a trip to Mars and Expedition however hard to say where on the planet I would think there needs an Expedition.

Maybe to go search for them non-contracted tribes in South America would be an Expedition. I do know they would not allow me join some Explorers club because I need to do some for of Scientific study to join, and again seems snobbish, you need some men with braver to lead, not just brains.

The definition of Expedition:

organized trip by a group: a trip made by a group of people for a specific purpose, for example, to explore unknown territory, to do scientific study, or to achieve a military objective (2 - Encarta)

I have no idea how this could apply to a group of Hoboes, unless you say we went in search of exotic women or cheaper lands to travel… hehehe

The new place of the next backpacker generations, the unclaimed backpacker tourist destination. The island where we must not tell anyone about and for sure not share the map, as Alex Garland would explain in the movie the Beach.

However… Expedition has the meaning of organized and I am lost to find a word for what I am thinking about, or maybe trying to plan… a.k.a. organize.

A reader by the name of Martyn wrote explaining a trip.

“What I would like is to travel down the western side of Africa to South Africa and then head up to Egypt. It would take a while but what a journey eh?”

He does call it a journey, hmm… is journey the correct word?

1. trip somewhere: a trip or expedition from one place to another
2. process of development: a gradual passing from one state to another regarded as more advanced, for example, from innocence to mature awareness (2 - Encarta)

I have a link where I try to slice and dice this topic or this question…

What type of traveler am I?

However an Expedition does beget the concept of organized, and I am a wanderer, not an organized person, however for sure I am extremely organized in a micro type way. I use the box theory or compartmentalized method of thinking.

Therefore, for lack of clarity yet in my use of a word for this a trip down Africa I will presently use the word Expedition, the maybe I will reach Nirvana and come up with the proper word.

I would like and Expedition of all women in love with me… Swedish, Eastern Europeans, and for sure Israelis.

OK, back to the idea.

I am thinking of a better, I sorely miss the boat, I am not capable of really exploring all the aspects of any one place, I am just glossing over a lot of interesting issues of travel in each place, and for sure I avoid many of the issues I really cannot be bothered to learn about. I am especially weak on museums and religious type tourist attractions, I am bored to death with them, there is always too many.


That is more correct, if I was doing a guidebook, I would need my specialist, and one person cannot really to me write a good guidebook. I suppose I could write a guide to all the Hotels in country, however then to write about Archeology, give me a break, outside the focus, not qualified. This is my gut reaction to most observations in the guidebook, the self-appointed expert on all issues, and really not qualified to talk on any, therefore I am often just wishing the guidebook to list the types of attractions available and keep their mouths shut.

However again…

1. Writers or explainers
2. Photographers
3. Anthropologist
4. Culture types
5. Webmasters
6. Graphics
7. Map - Mapmaking or cartography
8. Language
9. Party Animals
10. Transportation Experts

The list goes on and on, however if you look at the index page of you will see that I have 150 categories that could be covered in an Expedition to find what people look or ask about when they travel.

This is really the nature of what I do, I go around and find information for me, about things I am curious about, and then I try to file them away or integrate them into the topics, this is an overwhelming and monumental task, trying to cover the planet, being curious about everything, and for sure I cannot fill in all the blanks. Therefore, is a way of collecting information for me on all the 150 topics, and then in the future is the collector of the same 150 topics, however on every city on the planet. is the collector of all the Hotels on the planet because that is always priority number one for a traveler to learn where they will sleep tonight.

Therefore, an expedition would go off with a group of Hoboes and have fun; however, a full group may cover some or many of the topics.

I still like the idea of a full contingent of Swedish girls and sound more interesting to me; I suppose this is some Peter Pan syndrome at work.

As always has been the case, this is all about me making enough money to continue traveling and having fun.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Great Experiment

A couple of hundred years ago a few men decided to try an experiment, now a couple of hundred years later this small idea is a proven success.

Jealousy of success is now the problem, envy and Henny Penneys, everyone want to tell success how to do better.

By some stroke of luck I was born to a successful experiment in living.

Bauska Latvia Bed and Breakfast

Bauska Latvia Bed and Breakfast
Photos of Latvia

I have entered some form of Latvian Country farm paradise, I am in a guesthouse as the owne calls it, on the city edge of Bauska, Latvia. I am not exactly clear where I am, however the quality of my living quarters just jumped five levels as now I have a single room, sunlight, quiet, no roommates, no bunks, and electricity in the room, with a coffee pot included.

The Nameji B & B or maybe a guesthouse, these words all run together for me, I have a private room with a shared shower. The place is a home with maybe the garage made into another home. I am surrounded by farmland, with what I think is mustard growing, however the young girl says oil, then there are potatoes next to the mustard… Maybe.

7 Lats per night, that is 5 less than the Argonauts Hostel in Riga, however I have learned that the Argonauts although ok is not a very good level of service for the price compared to the Riga Old Town Hostel. Hard for me to imagine however the Argonauts has a kitchen with no stove and almost no dishes. It is more of a place to make a cup of tea or coffee, it does have a microwave.

I am about ready to go explore the area or Bauska, there is suppose to be internet in the proper house, and I am crossing my finger, that I can use my thumb drive in their computer. If this is possible, then I will write my newsletter from here and stay a couple of days. Then move on to Lithuania and onward towards Poland.

Sandra mother and daughter Darta flagged me down at the bus stop in Bauska, Latvia. I was laughing, I have just written in newsletter number 177 about how to find a Hostel or Hotel when you do not have a reservation.

I was hanging around being obvious, I do not have a place to go, because I did not force the play, they found me, I am not in paradise for 7 Lats or about 14 Dollars U.S.

This is growing just outside my door in the Guesthouse or Bed and Breakfast in Bauska, Latvia. I believe it is Mustard however Darta the Daughter does not agree.

We agree, this is potatoes. I would guesstimate that the Baltic States fail to utilize about 25 percent of their tillable farmland; so many fields look like they failed to put to crops.

I am typing this blog from the second floor of this building, and ultra modern room and place to hang my hat.

Map of Latvia

Map of Latvia

This is Latvia, below Estonia and above Lithuania; it is part of what they call the Baltic States. I have now visited Riga the capital and Bauska on the border of Lithuania in the South. Riga is a party city and Bauska seem to be a typical farm village.

Latvian Dancers

Latvian Dancers

Photo of Latvian Dancers

This is a tourist attraction or something; they were right in front of some church in Riga, Latvia

Interesting how the girls and boys dance and people walk around in some ancient type clothing.

Latvian Architecture in Riga

Latvian Architecture in Riga
Photos of building in Riga Latvia

This is a TGIF Fridays in Riga Latvia. Thank God, It’s Friday, I believe this is an American Restaurant chain, however I have learned not to be sure.

This little statue was on the top of the building, I am fascinated with small statues, not the large one.

Very beautiful park in Riga, in the middle of the Moat or Old Town Area.

German Hoboes

German Hoboes

Photos of Journeyman or some form of tradesman’s, I was told Zimmerman or Timmermans. I am not sure exactly, however the explanation I received from another traveler is these people travelers work their way around by trading carpentry skills or similar skills for room and board. Hard to say, for sure, I do not understand this, however I am pretty sure they are German. I am saying they are Hoboes because this is the classic definition of a Hobo, a person that travels from place to place looking for work. In addition, there are carrying a stick with a bindle.

Bindle of their bags on a stick.

Latvia Girl

Photo of Latvia Girl

A beauty on the phone, the typical stance of the women of the world in this epic of time.

Typical and pretty, thin, tall, and dyed hair, not so proper, on the tall and slinky side, a girl with the low hip pants.

Bright clothe, nothing shy on colors, and polka dots, flowered pants, many way of looking bright in Latvia girls, of course they could also be Russian, I have no way of knowing.

I am thinking this region of the world has the funky colored hair on the planet, this not natural in a way women checking Chad and Australian out in the RIMI grocery store had this bright red hair. Very common in this region of the world, funny looking.

Motorcycle Latvia

Motorcycle Latvia

These two English boys are presently trapped in Latvia; they bribed their way across the border, and were not permitted to enter Estonia. The motorcycles are new and they do not have registration. I guess the world wants to know they are not stolen, go figure.

Riga Old Town Hostel Riga Latvia

Riga Old Town Hostel Riga Latvia

Unfortunately, I made the wrong choice, I stayed in the Argonauts and should have stayed here, just out the underpass and across the street from the International Bus stop, and this is the ideal place for me.

43 Valnu Street
+371 7223406
In the next life, or next time to Riga, this is my top choice, just too convenient, with a full on kitchen, TV, and cable, more like home. I am annoyed that the kitchen of the Argonauts did not have a stove. Like an insult to be called a kitchen, missing essentials to the definition of kitchen.

This is in the Riga Old Town Hostel; it is a site map of the city of Riga, with lots of explanation below the map explaining how to visit local places. I consider this a Five Star type need for a top-notch hostel. I only see this in about one in 30 Hostels or Hotel on the planet.

This is Dave and Colin; we had a great dinner cooked on a real stove in the Riga Old Town Hostel. I met Dave in Tallinn, he is a chef, and Colin is from Wales, he makes money buying and fixing up old home, then selling.

Party Riga Latvia

Party Riga Latvia

This is probably one of the party central cities of Europe, for sure now one of the Stag Party of Bachelor Party locations of Europe.

Two Dutch Girls and Dutch boy with his arm up and a man from Wales.

Colin from Wales with the hard body girl from the Netherlands.

Me with my future wife, although she does not agree in the least with this idea, I asked her to travel across central Africa with me, however I am really not getting anywhere. She is a great girl of 23, says I am old enough to be her father; she has no mercy on me.

They told her in Morocco they would give 25,000 camels for her; I proceed to say that was a lot of money for one girl of course saying that she was not worth 25,000 Camels did not make time. I had a lot of fun with this group, in the party capital of Riga Latvia.

I go their emails like a wise man would, they are from The Hague, Holland or The Netherlands.

Bauska Latvia

I am off by bus to Bauska, Latvia, Europe is so easy on travel, only about one-two hours away, a walk in the park. It is on the south border of Latvia close to Lithuania. I am doing the chase to look for real Latvia, a place again on the map not in the guidebook, or at least not in mine.

I admit I am having more fun in Europe this time, with my two-wheel cart I have not broken my back with the great amount of walking in Europe.

The other travelers here in the Baltic States are a high level of conversation, Berlin was more on the MTV and less on anything. Riga is a full on, no stop party city, however it is fun and interesting wrapped in the Medieval style. Lots of strippers and one traveler was actually complaining saying he wanted to me nice girls. This is not normal for a traveler to say.

I went out with two Dutch girls, a Wales man, a Portugal guy and few miscellaneous last night, lots of fun and crazy, however Sunday night so less crazy.

I am really wanting now to buy a Van so my Hotel problem would be solved, the need for reservations is a real problem for me, I just like to wander, not wonder if I have a room.

I go for the bus now, have photos!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Map of Latvia

Map of Latvia
I am Riga, Latvia, I will go south to Lithuania tomorrow I hope, I am not sure where as my goal of going to Belarus has to be delayed until after the conference in Frankfurt because I do not have time.

I am thinking I will post an advertisement or flyers in cities saying.

I want to buy Van will pay 1000-2000 Euros, now I the problem is to get this translated and printed. Europe is not good on internet cafes and services, so much more difficult.

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