World Cell Phone Quad Band

I am trying to snag a good cell phone, I found by accident an excellent page on phone for travel.

The bottom line is this, the only safe choice is probably a quad band or four band cell phone.


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triband would be okay if you don't need a cell in the USA though?

If you look at my article that Andy linked to, and in particular the table of frequency bands used in different countries, you'll see that many countries, not just the US, use either or both the 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands.

So, really, you should get a quad band phone, unless you know for sure where you'll be going over the next few years and the countries you're visiting have only the international common standard 900/1800 MHz services.


Quad Band for sure.
I am positive, I am geting a Quad Band Telephone.

Now the problem come as to which brand. I am presently hot non the Motorola 620 because of larger battery and price around 200 dollars. I really want to pay 100 dollars.

The blue tooth will give me the option of connecting computer to the internet via a dial up number. My thought it to dial my parents verizon account with the computer modem, connect long-distance, then send an email to my account on their verizon email. They do not use the verizon provided email and I would recommend nobody use these emails, they have a Yahoo and Hotmail.

The cost to blog would be the cost of the long distance phone call, I an use the local sim cards of the country.

WHAT would be better is to text to a telephone number that would convert it to the blog by email adddress I have for

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Unless give this to me it will not work.

I must be writing from my email address for this to work, a gateway would not supply the proper reply address... maybe

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