What are they doing on the other side of the planet

I am in a very quiet place, there is a deafening silence that overwhelms me.
It is so easy to avoid myself on the other side of the planet.

Normally in the worlds I live there is chaos, noise, confusion, and conversations about insane subject, now I wondering as I sit in the USA.
"What are they doing on the other side of the planet?"

When I am here, I miss there, and when I am there I miss here. However what is impossible to avoid here in the USA is myself. The lack of confusion in my life here is an overwhelming force, I have so much time to think.

I am watching some Art and Entertainment (A&E) show about Geishas in Japan, I have never been to Japan, however this word is going to haunt me. What is a Geisha? I have learned on my occasions it is not as simple as some made to make me happy show like this A&E show about Geisha.

I am thinking what are they thinking about, how long would I have to be curious, how long would I need to listen, to reveal the subtle meanings of the word Geisha.

Common sense is a mystical thing.
I also know television will either make a person look like a Saint or a Sinner, never the truth a little of both. I was having a conversations about travel magazines, it really causes me frustration to read one, I just cannot stomach the noise, I was thinking about the country, and I can never figure or of find what they write about.


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Merry Christmas Hobo! Enjoy the snow during your short stay before encountering your next sunny 10 Beach somewhere. Wishing the best to your family in Orland, Indiana. Extending a Happy New Year's from all your readers.


Good lord, Americans are amazingly fat - and, you know, wherever our amazingly fatting food goes (think: Ronald et al) the people just swell to enormous proportions, soon looking rather American-esque in their stature (those who consume the garbage that is). Am in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the mo'...

I am in the USA presently and for sure there are some exceptionally fat Americans. My friend Mike over 40 is in exceptionally good shape.

I truly do not think McDonalds or the fast food restaurants is the problem. It is the shift from Natural foods like oranges, apples, meat to packaged goods. I have been worried about me having Malnutrition and believe I had this in Tibet.

I try to eat healthy outside the USA and it is very difficult. It is very easy to buy cookies, chips, and such, however difficult for a Hamburger in McDonalds. I would rather eat the Hamburger than the processsed foods.

I am having a special problem with juices. Many countries do not sell juice in stores. Thailand does good with the fresh pineapapple in streets, however the lable are tricky on Orange Juice.

I have purchase "Orange Drink" a few times and thought it was "Orange Juice."

Khao San Road sells the fresh squeezed in the street.

I see in Bolivia and even in Thailand older fat people. The clothing of the Americans makes them look worst than it is. However the exceptionally fat are in the USA and I think no in Germany.

Earning a lot and having less hard labor, means fat.

Genetically we are the same as Europe, etc. It is just a matter of time before they do financially better and get fatter. Germany is already there and so is England.

Density of population makes life so difficult, there is so much space in the USA, life is easier.

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