Streets of Manila Photos

Streets of Manila Photos

Manila Drunk

This drunk sat down in the street on Adriatico Street in the Malate part of Manila, he was almost directly in front of the Malate Pension or the Friendly Guesthouse. He sat there for about one hour and never left, there is very few police during the day and I have no idea what he was doing. This is not common as drunks and beggars normally stay out of the street, unless they are sleeping. He was awake and just sitting here; this means more of crazy to me and not just drunk. I was a little worried about him as the cars do not even move over to allow him to sit, defensive driving or taking care for people walking in the streets does not happens in the Philippines, so walking and sitting in the road can be dangerous.

Beggar Philippines

On the way to the Airport to fly from Manila to Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island in the Philippines, this beggar child came up and looked in the window. The child puts his hands to his face saying he is hungry. I offered some food or bread I was eating the other day to one and they turned me down, they want money, not food. I am immune to these children and believe a good country will solve this problem. Tourist should not solve it. This just enables the country to avoid their responsibility to their people because it paid for by outsiders.

Begging is always a moral dilemma however not as big as you think. Either a person learns to ignore these people or they go home. Sound pretty jaded, however the world is full of beggars and people who are willing to ask you to support them, even in the USA people want free money and are not afraid to ask or take.


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I am sorry, but I completely disagree with you. Just because tourists won't give to the poor doesn't mean the country will change anything. Places like Manila are completely different then America. These are real beggars not just like homeless in America that need the money for drugs. I am not shocked some little boy wouldn't want your partially eaten food either. Sorry if you are immune to starving children..

Manila is not so different than America, these children sniff the rubber cement and fo some speed drug called Shabu, that is everwhere.

I have lived in the streets of the planet for 10 years. I am presently in Togo, Africa. I can feel your middle class, never left the comfort of home opinion filtering down, then you sat down and got mad at a person who took the real photos, who had the real experiences, who daily feels these children and people in his life.

Anonymous, I took the photos, what have you done in life, I know, you are a nothing.

Stay in America, I do not want to be embarassed of say to the people of the world. I am sorry, that is an American, what can I do...

Take this from a Filipino, majority of beggars in the street in Manila are not into food. They are those who are employed by some syndicates ("sindikato") to "beg" for money. After the day most of the money that were given to these "beggars" will be given to the sindikato's pockets. It seems these "beggars" are just props.

But yes there are some who really beg for food...Boy you just can't trust people now a days.

i'm with you, andy -- enabling beggars with cash is not the way forward. you are right that drugs are a problem in manila too. and it's true, begging children very often don't want food! i live in manila. i keep healthy snacks in the car to give to begging kids. they lean on the window, point at their mouth and whine that they're very hungry, but when i offer a granola bar or other snack (individually wrapped, NOT half eaten as anonymous claims) they often say no. they want money. so it's clear the money won't go to food. at one intersection i drive past every day, a mother sits in the median strip and sends her tiny boy to beg at car windows, naked. that he is naked is quite shocking even for manila. you feel horrible, but you know giving cash isn't the right thing. i donate to a few non-government organizations that have scholarship programs to keep poor kids in school. i also work for an organization that ultimately aims to reduce poverty. but i can't give cash to kids and encourage begging, as sad as they often are (and as much as i am sometimes tempted to give $20, never mind 10 pesos). they can get a healthy snack from me, i only wish they would accept it more often.
but p.s. i have to take issue with john the atheist who mentions these "begging syndicates." i really don't buy it, but filipinos say this all the time. they also seem to have no sympathy for the urban poor in informal settlements, claiming there are "squatter syndicates" -- is this perhaps one way that filipinos rationalize it all away and don't feel guilty enough to be compelled to force their government to actually DO something?

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whenever i see people asking for money or food on the streets, i can't help but blame the government for their lack of livelihood programs for these poor.

The issue of being a poor in manila and anywhere in the world lies on many factors, however, it boils down to one thing - the inability of the government to provide the opportunity for these people to earn their living.

While I sat here on my computer, browsing on the internet, amazed by the huge amount politicians and government agencies spend on their operations and for themselves. I am left with nothing but anger to see me and my fellow countrymen suffer the consequence of our government existence. How I wish I don't need to pay taxes anymore but instead, take the responsibility of helping these beggars by myself.

I am more convinced, the government should be more responsible than me.

Unfortunately begging has become a profession in Manila and other parts of the Philippines. It has surpassed old fashioned street begging as well.

I work as a investment banker so I have few spare hours as such I use internet dating on occasion. I recently received a message on one dating site from a "girl" in the Philippines. There was a photo attached of a very pretty girl. She said she was looking for a serious relationship leading to marriage and that was a traditional religious girl. I emailed her back and thanked her for her interested but said as I lived in a America, I wasn't interested. She persisted saying distances can be overcome and that love can transcend national boundaries. Sounds good right? Then when I would log on I would get instant messages from her. She asked me to chat with her and see if I liked her. If I didn't I could always leave she said. Well it sounded like a risk free offer.

Despite her claims of being a traditional girl she soon started sending me pictures of herself in skimpy outfits. She said she was studying Business Management at Central Mindanao University. However she seemed to know little of Business Management and the University's schedule.

She claimed her parents had been killed in an accident and that she was living with her sick, aging grandmother whom she partially supported by working part time in a store.

Very quickly she claimed she lost her job and couldn't afford to pay for her grandmother's medicine which she quite urgently needed. She was unable to tell me the name of the medicine as she was too busy to be bothered with such things. She said she had never ever asked anyone for money but was asking me know if I could send her some money. I was obviously wary but offered to send a cheque for $20. She said it would take too long and that she needed $100 and could I wire transfer the $. I played dumb and said I didn't know how to do that. All of a sudden she became an expert on international wire transfer and how she could get the money in 10 minutes & that I could send it from my computer.

I declined but offered to pay the pharmacy directly, some how this wouldn't work according to her. As time went on I heard pleas for money for school fees, food, medicine, etc. Each time I offered to pay the school/shop/doctor directly and each time she refused.

I have since found out that for many young girls in the Philippines this is a full time job. These "virtuous" girls will even masturbate for you on camera if you pay them.

When caught in their own lies many will come clean but they are unrepentant. They look at it like a job, their attitude is you have it I want it. They get very angry if you don't send money calling you a liar and saying you were never serious about a real relationship. Yet they are the ones who admit cyber begging is their full time job.

we turn a blind eye to poverty hunger you say its there goverments fault if you feed them it wont change friend its been like there for 100yrs western men like you use girls like sex dolls to feed your sexual needs chils molestores go there to get kids for sex .We are all to balme the way manila is we abuse there bodies so they can eat we give there goverment aid of which they steal them selves let there people go poor and turn to begging or selling body and us as western people take there poverty and abuse them its everybodys duty friend to help them .

If the kid didn't want food, then he wasn't hungry. Alright he's poor, lots of people in Manila are, lots of people all over the World are destitute. It's not up to a tourist to solve that. By giving out cash to people we will only make the problem worse. There are countries in Asia where people will cripple their children because they know tourists will give more money to a disabled kid. In some places the local mafia will cut people's legs off and dump them in tourist districts because they know tourists are so under the spell of their whiteman's burden that they'll throw money at anybody who asks for it.
If you want to give money to people, give it to a local charity or NGO, they're the ones down there day in and day out trying to help the people who need it the most. Giving money to any kid that asks for it is only condeming another kid to a life of standing in the road asking for money when he should be going to school.
Daniel, I don't understand your logic, 'we' don't give them aid simply because American men like to go over there and sleep with the whores. International aid isn't generally dependent on how many sex tourists a country gets visited by.

Did you take those pictures off the balcony at Friendley's? Many a happy night I've spent hanging off that balcony.

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