My Search of Mom and Pop Hostels in Palawan

It is like the whole world forgot me, the backpacker and skipped right to three star hotels. I have been trying to find this place called the "Backpackers Inn"

I finally go to it however I have been avoiding going directly to it, hoping it would come up higher on my normal searches. Nothing about a normal search technique could help me find a cheap hotel on I had to go to the special techniques.

I typed in this... :

Palawan + backpacker + "Puerto Princesa" + Hotel

Found these about with talk about the "Backpacker."

My guidebook on the Philippines is five years old and I have found no backpackers in the Friendly's Guesthouse except for Elliot with a Guidebook, I am not sure what they are up to.

However I could maybe have found it good if I went for a HOTEL I already knew exist. I already know this place exist so the search is not fair. Easy to find a hotel you know about, difficult to find the best one you do not know exist.

I use this link all the time to learn how to search better in

The internet is getting to crowded and the webmaster have taken the top searches right out of the mix. The Mom and Pop places do not have a chance, giving a false image that they do not exist. They still exist in guidebooks, however the internet is hiding them.

I did some direct searches, this place seems to be hard to find, another great reason to buy a guidebook. The internet is still missing the boat on Travel Information.


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Andy! When is it going to sink in that the person who is uniquely qualified to write these books (and they could be booklets marketed on INternet) is YOU. Let me know if you want someone to copy edit and do layout for you.

Hi Andy (Moderate this),

Found some budget press about places in and around El Nido in North Palawan:

Budget Accommodation in El Nido

El Nido dining/ photo El Nido
At the northern edge of town you’ll find the Lally & Abet Beach Cottages. These are the pick of the bunch, with various accommodation choices— fan or air-con, beachfront or back-terraced rooms. Prices range from P530 all the way up to P1,950. A little open restaurant serves adequate fare.

There are some 32 rooms in all and this place is by far the most organised along the beach. Contact Cely (tel: [63-919] 583-9110), Danny (tel: [63-919] 310-5180) or call Manila telephone [63-2] 715-3890.

All the other accommodations are simple family-run affairs with small plots of land catering for serious beach slumming from out-at-elbow to marginally better.

Seriously Slumming

El Nido Big Lagoon/ photo El Nido
The 5 Rosanas Cottages offer simple, rustic huts on the beach at P500 a piece run by Mrs R Gallardo (tel: [63-920] 605-4631). The Tandikan Cottages are currently being redeveloped. The Dara Fernandez Cottages are a very simple alternative at P350 (tel: [63-919] 322-1416). Marina Garden Cottages only accept walk-in guests at P500 a shot (Pacita Ordonez at tel: [63-919] 377-7128). Nearby, the Blue Karot on the beachfront doubles as a bar and restaurant.

Budget offerings continue at Gloria's Beach Cottages which has rooms from P350-P500. A walk-in rate here would be P600. The evocatively-named Og's Place is up some concrete stairs where Og himself will be found together with his wife, with four fan-cooled rooms and one air-con room. These are clean and tidy and cozy indeed and the Og’s, despite their Ogre-ish name, are friendly to a fault (tel: [63-1098] 349-0988). The Marber’s Beach restaurant is downstairs.

El Nido town and fishing village
The New Bayview Inn has fan-cooled rooms in a concrete block at P250 or P500 with the luxury of air-conditioning. It only accepts walk-in guests.

Diving, island-hopping, hiking, swimming and snorkelling are the main activities in the El Nido area. There are a few restaurants and eateries in town and even a disco — but they pull the plug on the electricity at 1am, usually in the middle of the best song!

Arrival by plane is by far the easiest option flying in on Seair and Ten Knots. From here the road journey to Puerto Pincesa is an arduous and dusty 12 to 14 hours by jeepney, the more colourful than comfortable public transport mainstay.

Paper Guidebooks and Internet Guidebooks to me are merging, or should merge. I as far as writing guidebooks I am trying to push my technology level a couple of notches up. Plus I am trying to hire some India and Philippines persons to collect data. However for sure write me Leslie, I am going to Bogota probably soon to mull or the idea with a friend of mine.

any hotels you can rerccommend in palawan?

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