Map of Countries Visited

I want a map of countries I have visited, every once in awhile I get excited and try to search, I found this page that worked pretty good.

It generated this simple map of the world, then gave me some type of code to put in the site. I instead click on FUNCTION - PRINT SCREEN

This copied the page, went to paint, pasted and then cropped this graphic. I am totally opposed to putting other people code in my page, especially in the blog where I cannot monitor or have zero reason to go back and read.

Looking at this map you can see the Caribbean, there is some 27 countries in this area and I can knock off a lot of them while traveling over winter.

I have not hit the Australian area and this is a common area because they speak English, however as I say,
"You need a date to go to Australia."
It is so big... I am wanting to share...

The South Pacific is more interesting to me and is like the Caribbean in number of countries and cost to visit.

Africa, you need a date again and a 4x4 it appears to me, I will start chunking off countries each year and try to nail down 2-3 per year.

Russia... ON my A list of places to visit, remember the Beatles, they said the "Ukraine girls like to keep their boys warm at night."

I know the Ukraine is not part of Russian anymore or is something different, and for sure the STAN brothers are a push to visit.


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I thought about going to Australia in my soon-to-be travels. But again, I think i will need a veichle and a friend. It is too big, and the railway doesn't really run anywhere interesting.

In England, you are always only 20 minutes from a tourist attraction... Britain is a smalll island, with a long history... so there's always something to see nearby (so much so that noone ever sees any of it, which is probably a sociology dissertation for someone).

Australia it looks like several hundred miles between anything. between supermarkets! gonna need to learn to drive. And, for sure, I'm not rich enough to go round there yet i don't think...

So India. And Nepal. And maybe Bhutan or Tibet. One day I will got to Russia too. When I do this properly.

When I leave on January 9th, it's a warm-up exercise.

Andy, according to that map, it looks like you've been to Scotland and Wales. When did you go there??

Good observation on the Scotland - Wales visited. I have not visited them, however I clicked in "Great Britain."

The question was the problem.
They had a question "Great Britain" and I clicked yes, it probably included all the "Whatevers" of that big island.

There is about 672 Geographical different locations on the planet.

Most web sites use very few of them in their sites, only trying to gleam the most money off the top and not deal with all of them.

NOW... There is a huge problem, to make navigation with about 187 main is easier than to deal with the making of 672 maps.

I am wanting to do the same as this site or World66 however to make it color separated, and to include all the 672 separate areas.

I use the Worlds Most Travel mans site as the closest to perfect as a reference.

672 Geographic Locations of Planet

I am trying presently to hire a Map or Navigation person to make these types of toys. Graphic though is different than PHP, HTML is different, hard to coordinate and I am sure it will take me a year if I had the two person sitting here in front of me working.

HOWEVER I see light.

List of Jobs with

I love it -- I can't wait to fill up a map from my own travels! :)

You might also try the visited countries (and cities!) map at - it allows zooming and has a very comprehensive list of cities.

There is also a larger, clearer version of the world66 map at - fewer countries though.

Sadly really puts it into perspective how many more countries there are to visit. :(

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