Manila to Palawan Philippines Flight

Manila to Palawan Philippines Flight

Monday December 5, 2005, 3:46 PM

5700 Pesos Round Trip with Asia Spirit Airlines.

I am in what I think is the Domestic Airport in Manila, not real sure as the taxi just took me to the airport, have not tried to understand the place. I will leave in about one-half hour for Palawan.

The waiting area is very similar to a waiting area for a bus, or some nice waiting area with a better grade of human in a bus station. Very few western type people here, most Asian. Many Japanese and Koreans, it appears to be a larger percentage of tourists than the USA. Europe or Australians. It is December 5, it has to be starting a high season, and however I have not seen any real jump in people.

Funny about Asians, they do not want any suntans or sun in their face and we are in a beach, tropical type paradise. I am going to lie around in the sun and read my book, hoping to find some shallow snorkeling places.

The airport is full of cell phones; everyone is using them now for play toys, like a pacifier to pass the time.


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Your description of the use of cell phones being like pacifiers is right on the money. I've been thinking that for years.

I've always thought it funny that my Filipina wife is so concerned about getting dark by going out in the sun when most Americans would pay lots of money for skin of her color.

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