Manila Philippines Street Children

Manila Philippines Street Children
Tuesday December 20, 2005 8:19 AM

I went for a walk yesterday Monday and took these photos in the Emita Area or just off of Pilar or United Nations Street, in the general Area of Arquiza. I first say this Street Children and I then waked down to the United Nations Street turned left and then went to what I think is Pilar Street, the Duck Inn is on this street and so is the LA Cafe... hehehe.


After I turned down the street with the construction and the very nice chain called Mercury Drugs a great store in the Philippines, mixed up in the mess. Across the street or one one of the corners I nabbed a photos of people still sleeping. It was about 8:00 in the morning, the street will clear around 9:00 of the kids or parent, adult bums sleeping.

The ones that pull on my strings is the mother and child team, this is annoying and the responsibility of the Philippines government, they try to way lay this to the tourist.

Obviously the Children or Street Kids center is not completing the job or doing the job, this is less than one block for the place.

A funny picture this boy has slept in the construction concrete drain tiles for the night, he has a piece of cardboard inside to keep the cold off the skin and to make life more comfortable, his head is out and I think he about ready to get out of bed.

These clumps of garbage are like land mines in Manila, that and big holes in the street where for sure a child or adult could fall inside. They have these wheelchair ramps and this is hilariously out of place on a street or place where the persons are allowed to park on the sidewalks.

The system here is something like this, everyone throw the trash in the streets, then the cleaning people sweep in the morning. Any city that puts out trash bins instantly is five times cleaner. I rate the development of a country many fold by the number of trash bins. In Manila or this part, it is hard to find, in the Makati area where 99 percent of the visitors to this city probably stay I would assume the Philippines would hide or disguise and have some.


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I have lived in the Philippines now for 3 years and have also witnessed the street children in Manila. In a country like the Philippines one has to assume that the government has some responsibility for the care of its citizens. The community however must also take some responsibiltiy. The church in the Philippines openly controls birth control and or the right of abortion in this poor developing country. The citizens of the Philippines are the only ones who can help prevent street children. When the community starts caring life will improve and not before. If there is no political will, pouring all the money, or legislation in the world at the issue will not solve the problem.

Blaming lack of birth control is hardly a solution. Everyone knows what causes pregnancy...hasn't been a secret for some time now.

The Philippines is where they are because the 80 Oligarchical families are willing to sell their own countrymen out to the Japanese and Chinese due to some feeling of superiority due to greater Spanish bloodlines.

Children are a gift from God and are not the cause of the problems nor a result, they just are.

Having worked with street kids (not in Philipines though) I can say it is not necesarily the shelter's fault.

Maybe they lack enough resources, but usually it takes time and patience to get a kid out of the streets. Very often most of them do not trust any adult... with good reason.

franz said,

street children in manila is very common not only now but even before but sad to say up to now the governmnet is still dont hve a solution for this problem dont u know even here in surigao city it is now common, so very obious it is very rampant not only in big cities but even in a small cities like surigao city.why governtment cant find solution because both of the parties either administration or opposition are busy debating who will seat to the high position...puro nalng damayan bkit di nalang magtulungan.

i agree with the comments in Manila would make me a witness of that quandary in the philippines. the problem is, informal settlers increase in number because:

1. the major cities of Metro Manila are crowded because rural settlers come and find jobs in Manila.

2. meager housing projects

3. budget for such projects are dedicated to profit-oriented projects such as malls, and overpriced government facilities.

it seems to have become an inevitable long as the government keeps itself busy with unnecessary issues, these conditions will be here to stay.

Migration or moving to the big city has become a world problem. I think the all go hoping to find excitement and easy work, then just cannot find a way back to their small villages.

They have to admit, the city sucked and they made a mistake.

Like many countries the Philippines has an issue with over population. Unfortunately this is unlikely to go away anytime soon based on the lack of education and the Catholic church. The answer is simple, but difficult to accomplish.

I live in North Cotabato, were I didnt see much street children there! good for our place. I would suggest for those family who strict on those big cities may migrate on the rural areas, whereas they will not suffer to sleep on street. In agricultural areas, they are abundant of food. Street children are always an issue. God loves Philippines but think wise Filipinos!

I used to be one of those street children in the streets of Manila. I had experienced living under the bridge, at the side-walk, in market places, around sea-walls, burnt buildings, under the coconut trees and some other delicate places. I grew up in a squatter's area and in fact remained poor despite doing all I can to improve my situation. I can say that my life had improved tremendously because I held on to my dreams. I strived hard to get to where I am now. I understand that there are thousands perhaps even millions of street children in the Philippines alone, some people say it's because of lack of birth control and other reasons. I used to think the same way. Partially this is true, in fact at the back of my mind, I still wonder why poor people keep on reproducing despite their inability to provide for the family. But there is a saying "there's no use in crying over spilled milk" which suggests that instead of blaming the parents of those street children, why not do something to change or at least improve their situation? I still believe that education plays a role in this, educating the children and the parents themselves I guess will make a difference no matter how small it may seem. Instead of blaming those people who are obviously responsible why the street children are increasing it is best to lend a helping hand and serve as their inspiration or serve as a model at the very least.

I believe the solution is some type of Retirement money, or after 65 money paid to all people in a country.

Right now their children are the solution, they must have 5-10 hoping one loves them enough to support them when they are old. Parents really have no choice, they must have children or starve when they too old to work.

Dear Sir,

Good day in the Lord Jesus Christ Name. Im Hernane Reyes 56 years old. Working here in Thailand as a musician in Novotel Hotel Siam Square Bangkok I want to give some gifts to these street children. Can you kindly give me the right address and the right person to send our gifts. We are very happy if you can give us a little information about this children. Thank you in Gods Name.

Hernane ( bob ) Reyes

Hi! Your write-up about the street children in the Philippines caught my attention as I was going through some articles in the internet. I was wondering if I can ask for some of the pictures you have here and post them in my blogsite. I started a blog which will mainly talk about street children. Thanks for your help. God bless!




thank you very much!

I have just come back from 3 weeks of volunteering with street childres/mothers in Manila. Anyone living in the Western world should make a pilgrimage there. It changes your life.

I absolutely agree that birth control deserves a HIGH priority on Philipines governments to-do list. Obviously the Catholic church has a lot to answer for, and it is true that children are put upon this world in the hope that they will support their parents in old age. Does this justify the birth of thousands of children who dont stand a chance themselves ? Abandoned in the streets and afterwards we just have a few more kids ? Do you know what happens to these children if they happen to be born with a handicap, or a serious illness ? Our planet is suffocating with overpopulation, birthcontrol causes sufferance to nobody, and highly improves the lifequality of those who are in need of it. Indeed, some Filipinos are willing (desperate !!) to use birthcontrol, but have no access to it. No money, social (catholic) pressure, ignorance ... all these should be tackled.

It makes me sick to see the richess of the Vatican, the standard of living of those people who decide on a life of misery for hundreds of thousands, due to their stubborn convictions on birthcontrol. Let the highly placed clergy live in the streets for just a week and no pampering !

It is my conviction that it is much more useful to donate 20 $ or 20 € for birthcontrol, than 2000 per year to help the children who were born due to impossibility to get birthcontrol.

In Manila there is a place called the RAC. Regular razzias try to eliminate streetchildren from the image foreigners should have of Manila. Children - the elderly - invalids - anything nasty to look at is brought there. When I visited the Rac, 114 boys were locked up in a 7m x 7m cell. This is the citys answer to pressure from abroad regarding the problem of street children. Volunteer organizations try to help in many more positive ways : education, feeding programs, logistic help, psychological support, ...

A lot of mothers will prostitute in order to feed their children. They, too, have no acces to birthcontrol. A lot of women are regularly raped by their employers. Please, let us pray that our Pope may see the light one day and alter his convictions and directives.


I agree with Nina. However, there is no way we can persuade the Catholic Church to rethink its stand on birthcontrol.

Religions are regulated by governments.
Governments are regulated by religions.

Yes,it is true that one of the big issues our country is facing now a days is the increasing number of street children in urban cities especially nin Manila. This problem is caused by two major factors: the parents, and the government. First, the parents must be responsible enough in taking care their children and in satisfying their basic needs. In this scenerio, it seems that the parents either abadoned the children or they had no work nor money to avail at least a small apartment. On the other hand, basically, it is also the government's fault, they must provide enough, free or loaned, housing areas to these families or they could also take care of the children through charities, foundations or any organizations. Their employees must really work for it.....And as citizen, I felt this urge to help, but I am just a first year college student. Right now, I engaged my self in participating in outreach activities set by our school which aims to help and extend our arms to the poor....

Philippines is one of the most primitive cultures, in primitive cultures men prove to other men they are strong by having babies.

The more babies they have, the stronger other men believe they are....

The Catholic Church wants more Catholics so they can dominate the world and get more money from the primitive Philippine people.

Television is the solution, eventually the Philippines people will copy the people on Television and stop this primitive behaviour.

A primitive culture believes that self-destructive behaviour is valuable, no connection between brain and behaviour. Shame is an incredibly powerful force in the Philippines and nobody uses it, by saying... hey you, you are being stupid by having babies.

Im the one who concerned for those children who lived in the street who abandoned by their parents.It was really so sad to see those kind of children who even dont know of what happen to their life.I hate their parents!why?Because those children are innocent.They are born not to be a street children they are born because they want to enjoy their life.But suddenly we dont have a choice but to accept it.Because even a government dont do anything about it.The Politicians knows poor people when they need help.When election is coming.They are so irresponsible kind of people!I get mad of them so much...........

I've seen this everywhere I go. From the states to Philippines. The Philippines case doesn't really bother me though, but the U.S that has a gov't that seems to be well organized? Go to the BRONX, ARIZONA, BROOKLYN, HARLEM. Americans are starving.

There is no point in complaining, just try something positive, like identifying direct targets for donations i.e. how 100 gets to the children and their mothers. Let's have some genuine contacts please

Street children is a problem throughout the Philippines. I have a feeding ministry in Mindanao Philippines (Walk Thy Talk Ministries). I feed the children and give them clothes. You can view the pictures at the website listed
It has been financially supported by my own Social Security funds and with the help of some friends in America (and one Irishman). I recently applied for and obtained 501c3 status so that donations are tax deductable.
If anyone wishes to get further information they can write me at
God bless,
Tom Yarborough

I just returned from a mission trip in the Philippines. I went to another Children's shelter. Sadly, there are too many street children and too few places to shelter all if them. As several of you have mentioned, this is not isolated to the Philippines.

Regardless of who caused what, it is not the fault of the children. They are the ones suffering in this. It is the responsibilty of every one of us to take care of the children.

Many organizations and individuals are trying their best to help children...The problem is they can't...Why? Because the parents of some children keep on increasing the problem being solved by the government, problems being faced by the Philippines and problems carried by their children...

Me. I've always tried to think of helping children in every way I can...But every once in a while, I'd say to myself, will I ever? When? I'm still more than 4 years from graduating in college...At this age of 15, I can't donate anything to those foundations. I can't give children scholarships for education. I can't fee...d indigent children to suffice their nutritional needs.

And so I thought..."Why don't I just inspire and touch the hearts of those who can? So I'll be able to help children... It's not just those millionaires or billionaires ... Everyone CAN help.....

I would like a email address possibly web site of the worst childrens orphanage in Manila as we want to send things to them to help the children and visit
Thank you

Recently I saw a programme on the overcrowded conditions in Manila, and the plight of the most vulnerable including the street children... For me it was an eye opener and I was angry that the the main contributory cause appears to be the criminal irresposibility of the Catholic Church and its policy on birth control and the lack of any real political will to change by the countries leaders. However, I know little of the politics of the Philippines.

Until two years ago I didn't know where the Philippines were located geographically. I became interested in an Asian Dating Site and started chatting with a lot of members on the site and slowly built up a picture of how they lived and the relative economic disadvantages with, say, European countries. In this period I have visited, became engaged and recently married a Filipino lady who recently spent 6 months with me in the U.K.

We chat everyday on web-cam but she is reluctant to talk about conditions in her country, apart from the occasional, 'we are a poor country Kevs.' naturally I would like, in some small way to get involved in raising awareness of the conditions in Manila and welcome any correspondence....

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