Happy New Year 2006

I received an email from Chris a Hot Springs Freak, who just returned from Costa Rica.

Not to be confused with Chris presently wandering around in Puerto Rico.

Both are a regulars on my list of person who comment on the noise I make and on the long list of persons I respect and listen too.

Chris of the Hot Springs version said in an email,
"I added Google Search to my blog...Copying you, hahah. Did you ever think you would be a good example?"

The answer is... NO
I still feel nobody should copy me, I am just a guy with many problems in an 18 year remission. That is the number of years I have went without drinking alcohol, soon to be 19... hehehe

I suppose New Years makes a person introspective or I cannot talk for the world, however in the last few days, I have been... as REO Speedwagon said to me in the Song Music Man:
"Recently I've been thinkin about what I am and where my priorities lie Gettin it together on some future plan, decidin what I need to get by."

2:20 minutes until the ball drops in Time Square, I did not plan it this way...hehehe

What do I need...
"All I ever needed was you."

Life is not as evasive as I once thought, it is good.

Who is the you?
My Mother bringing my jacket to meet me at the Greyhound bus.
My Father afraid to hug me at the bus.

My Brother, Sisters, friends, family and all the world.

I need the eyes of a honest critic, a warm smile, and the person sitting next to me. I need the person who said,"
For no other reason than it is the right thing to do.

I have a new vice or addiction as Chris the Travelvice.com version has quoted on his page:

"For the born traveler, traveling is a besetting vice. Like other vices, it is imperious, demanding of its victim's time, money, and the sacrifice of comfort."
- Aldous Huxley


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When I read Lord of the Rings a year or two back, There was a line that made my heart leap.

Legolas, the elf, is talkign with his friends. All other elves are going over the sea to leave the world of men forever. And his friends ask him if he will stay. "I will stay, for a time, as I have promises yet to fulfill. But I cannot stay forever. The call of the sea is too strong for me and my kindred. It calls to us. It calls us home."

I've always loves the sea. Sailing out on the sea, seasick or not, is one of the most amazing experiences. It is a whole other world: a world between worlds. A bigger world than ours...

It always calls me... whenever I see water... and I know that If I don't go to it, or cross it, I won't be me ... I'll fade.

And happy new year to you Andy! where are my manners, I am sorry.

Thanks for the shout Andy!

The quote spoke to me as well.

I tell people the name of my site and say, "Travelvice.com -- some people have different vices (such as gambling, smoking, drinking); travel is my vice."

Happy New Year Andy!

- Craig

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