Americans Amazingly Fat

Americans Amazingly Fat
Wednesday December 21, 2005, 12:59 AM

I just jumped a few time zones.

I am on the Southwest Airlines plane from Las Vegas to Chicago. It is amazing at the fat people in the USA, I was trying to walk to the Restroom and some of them are rolling over into the aisle so far it hard to walk by. All in all the average American is about the same size as most other countries, then you have the big exception.

The clothing is different here plus the people are taller. A short small person is not as noticeable as a short fat person. In South America and Asia many older people are very fat, mostly the women, however they where dresses. A dress can hide a lot and the women in the USA could think about a dress.

Las Vegas is a hoot, only a three hour layover, however you can see the nature of the types of persons that live in Vegas, it is like a clean version of Manila… It is amazing though what having money does to a person, the Americans are arrogant and still act like the underdeveloped countries.

Ha Ha Ha
I am sure the Europeans like this comment.


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Americans amazingly fat hehe......unfortunately most people love to hear the bad things about other people in the world. Just keep telling us what you see (and feel).

Yep, people like this type of comment. I just try to think, however always easy to think about what is annoying me and just take for granted the good.

I was laughing, America has some of the biggest weight lifter and cut type also. However they also have some really champions of being fat. I was laughing they also come in all colors and races.

An over abundance of food is not the worst problem on the planet.

When I was younger, my view of american people was that they are either super-fit break 2x4s on their ass types or super-fat eat a dozen big macs a day types.

your TV doesn't help your image as a country... it doesn't show your average joe... just the super fit and good looking or the super unhealthy.

mostly, european TV is copying US tv... i think they see dollar signs in their eyes... they want some of the cash!

A line from King Kong (the new one) "real heroes don't look like me. They got a pop belly, a bald spot and facial hair. I'm just a good-looking actor who's lost his motivation."

if you're in the US, go see Kong.

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