What is Germany Doing

What is Germany Doing?
Saturday November 12, 2005, 5:12 AM

Germany is having what they call a Grand Coalition to “Negotiate” who will be the next Chancellor of Germany. This seems like a dangerous process.

The most dangerous time for a country is the succession from one leader to the next.

The whole process in Germany seems unstable and in need of an overhaul. This process needs to be certain, inevitable and not negotiable.

Most of the world thinks that Fujimora leaving Peru was good, however many of the people in the country did not, because who is next and what they do was a big question, better to have the devil we know than a devil we do not know.

I often feel that countries that are unstable are afraid of the USA, because they can only empathize from a point of few of instability. While countries like Norway, Sweden and such are easy to deal with and not afraid of the USA.


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Germany is in a very interesting political state, and It's one I see being the future of world politics.

Essentially, both the liberal and conservative parties got equal votes in the election. So they had to work together. Which is very hard because of their completely different views on politics. one is neo-socialist, one is capitalist.

The negotiations don't show instability, they merely show how much time and effort it takes to reconcile liberal and conservative politics into a workable coalition.

Imagine if The Republicans and the Democrates both got the same votes. Not one vote in it, but exactly the same. I don't know if American politics can allow this, or whether there are checks and balances for it. But to be truely democratic, we must let the people decide. And if they decide something odd like this, or something stupid like voting in a tyrant, we gotta let them do it. otherwise it's not free democracy, it's something other.

I don't think they are afraid of the USA. I doubt many people outside of Iran and North Korea are at the moment, especially with the presidents' support ratings at 37%.

Which is similar to here in the UK where Tony Blair has been humiliated in Parliament by a party rebellion (they didn't vote in what he wanted, and thank God for that too!).

politics is a fun game... I have been offered a career in it many times, but always turned it down. too much stress!

plus, most E uropean countries can still make decisions, even when they don't know who is in charge. They can't change laws i don't think, but say for example they were under threat etc. Parliaments can still meet in some circumstances in interim periods. I believe this is slightly different in US politicks?

Speaking of Fujimora, who fled Peru under what politely might be called "a Cloud" (when his ex-Cuban intel Goon was arested in his stead) and given Sanctuary in seemingly Old Imperial Japan...well he slipped back into Peru about a week ago and was apprehended soon thereafter. The timing of his return, one month before elections has been a bigger story than the upcoming vote counts. As he likely intended?

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