Bus from Manila to Clark Airport

I took a taxi from the Maleta area or say the Maleta Pension to the Pasay Bus Terminal

Say: Pasay - or Pah Sye

I paid 72 Pesos or about 2 Dollars USA for Taxi.

There are many buses to Clark:

Say: Clark or Angeles to the people around the bus stop.
They will point you to many, more or less the next bus is good.

Cost for bus to Angeles city: 130 Pesos or about 3 Dollars U.S.

Taxi from Bus stop to Fields Avenue:

Fields Avenue is the center of the Angeles area or the boom boom street or bar girls street, whatever you call it, it is the center of Angeles city in the Philippines.

I paid 80 Peso. I should have paid 50, got ripped and he wanted 100.

It is 8:00 - I need to be at the airport at 1:40, so I have 5.4 hours to waste.
(Field Avenue has many 24 hour internet cafes.)
I left the Hotel at about 5:30 so the time it took was about 2.5 hours.
Note: I am pretty sure you can do this easily at about any time of the day.

To go back, I would take a bus to Manila and then ask for a taxi to the Pan Pacific Hotel on Adriatico and I would be down the street from the only two major Backpacker places, the Friendly and the Maleta Pension.


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Did you mean "Malate?"
Say "ma la tay." Kinda like latte, with a 'ma' in front

I'm planning to go to KL myself and looking at flying with Air Asia.

You didn't mention how long the bus ride took from Manila to Clark. Do you know how often buses go?


Also check this site: http://resa.mine.nu/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=222 (alot of info about Clark and how to get there)

check this site...

says here there are daily trips from manila(SM Megamall) direct to the clark airport (DMIA)

I will travel from Kuala Lumpur Clark Field Airport, is there a bus in clark field airport going to Manila? Thank you.

The trip to clark varies. We went there last week and it only took us about an hour and a half to 2 hours but when you are traveling on a rush hour, it could take about 3 to 3 and a half hours. I suggest you travel early in the morning like 6-7 am or already around 11-12 noon to avoid rush hours. The best is to leave really early. :)

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