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I have for the last couple of years had the systems send the postings from the blog to the system. Then the system would send the blog automatically to the subscribers.


I cannot figure out how to make it work again, I think Yahoo in their great whatever has just stopped it from working. I could speculate for days on this, however anyone that had been getting the blog from the system is now thinking....

Andy is not writing.
Andy has un-subscribed me.
Andy is not to be heard from.

Note, I never unsubscribe or even have time to play with this list, I just let it work, I ONLY un-subscribe those who write with lot of profanity to me and call me names.

We are going to use a NEW system, made by boy Genious Andrew soon from India, however he is till muling around, I hope to have done soon..

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I am sending this by cutting and pasting to the posting area of


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You're making this too hard. Blogger sucks but any of the other weblog applications (MovableType, Typepad and LiveJournal to mention only the sixapart family of weblog engines) have email notifications for new entries. Also, you need to ween those subscribers from that kind of thing anyway, learn a little about RSS, it's the future (which is BTW autogenerated by these same applications).

Stay away from boy geniuses. You'll have a system that no-one but him can operate. If you use supported software then your answers will be a helpdesk away. Seriously, it's that easy.

Good points and bad point here.

We are looking at using wordpress with a similar system to

I have posted 1500 plus times and when I started many of these newer system like aggregators was not available. The point is is a business, and if you make a decision good or bad years ago, you do not just move your customers. I am trying to make sure my mother of 73 can do this, no matter how much I wean, teach, or instruct she will not understand.

I do agree very much with the Boy Genious type solutions. Very little is made so that only he can operate, he understands and agrees to this contrary to the USA type techies who have to prove their brains for 20 times the cost.

Wordpress is the solution, however we need a short term fix until a long-term fix can be installed.

RSS and ATOM although great, are terrible for me. I cannot myself access ATOM or RSS feeds. I must read an email. I can access, however I pay per hour to use the internet. I can download with Foxmail my emails newsletters or blogs and read offline.

I believe if possible a person should offer all ways of communications and I will not wean a person from Newsletters. One major reason is I like to read newsletters or blogs in my room, where 99 percent of the time I do not have a connection.

50 percent of the world has very expensive internet and they must download and upload emails. So a world type decision.

You know Andy, I believe Feedburner recently started offering (for free) e-mail notifications for their syndicated RSS/ATOM feeds.

From Feedburner:

"Give your biggest fans another way to keep up with your blog, podcast or feed. Put a FeedBlitz email subscription form on your web site, and visitors can easily subscribe. Once they've submitted their email address, they will receive daily email from FeedBlitz with your newest content."

Email notifications is a good idea however it appears they already have this if they are using feedburner.

We will have our own system soon and keep the advertising low plus protect the list of emails better. is analogous to Feedburner. Yahoo allowed a free service and one day stopped. This is the problem with many free services. I have used many of the free services and fortunately have the money to avoid now.

This though can work for a person already using the service and who wishes to be associated on this level with feedburner.

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